One of the jewels of the Aegean Sea is the beautiful island of Skiathos – famous for its picturesque scenery, natural tranquillity and wealth of pristine golden beaches. It’s a perfect destination for families looking for a relaxing summer holiday with a fascinating cultural history. For younger adults there’s even a vibrant nightlife scene in the heart of Skiathos Town. Explore the island by foot, car or horse or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, hire a boat to cruise around the coast and travel at your leisure. On the island’s northern shoreline the mesmerising Blue Caves are one Skiathos’ best kept secrets and are a great spot for snorkelling or diving. A holiday to Skiathos has something for everyone and we highly recommend a visit to this beautiful Mediterranean escape.

Plenty of easy beaches

Skiathos has over 26 beaches which are some of the most impressive across all of the Greek islands. The beautiful surroundings of picturesque pine tree forests and soft crystal clear waters add to the beaches’ natural splendour. Kick back, relax and have no worries as you melt into the sunbed and watch the blue waves lapping gently against the silky white beach line.

Explore Skiathos Old Town

The old town of Skiathos is the capital of the island and one of the most popular attractions across all of the Sporades Islands in Greece. The town’s charm and authentic Greek way of life was an inspiration for the ABBA movie Mamma Mia and adds to the town’s natural appeal.

Peaceful Achladies Bay

On the east coast of Skiathos you’ll find the sleepy village of Achladies Bay surrounded by lush green countryside. The old fishing town still retains its natural charm and is a peaceful escape for families looking for tranquility away from the livelier Skiathos Town along the coast.

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