Escape to the sunny Gran Canaria resort of San Agustín, a tranquil resort with wonderful Atlantic views. A much more low-key alternative to Playa del Inglés, it's great for beach lovers and swimmers, and has long been popular with holidaymakers. Its laid-back feel makes it perfect for couples who simply want to relax on the dazzling golden beaches. Families are close to all the major attractions and waterparks, while adventurers can lace up their hiking boots and head inland or along the island’s stunning coastal paths.

Things to do

If you have time and would like to explore more historic sights, head north to the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. See its museum to learn about its prehistoric, ancient, medieval and colonial past. Visit the Casa de Colón museum to find out about Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World, then relax for a while on the golden sands of Las Canteras Beach. Las Palmas is also famous for its cathedral, which dates back half a millennium and is technically still unfinished! The church, which has a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Classical styles, is rich in artwork, and celebrates a huge feast on November 26th to commemorate its dedication.

18-24 ℃

If you're looking for decent beach weather, book your San Agustín holidays from around May to October. However, even in winter and early spring, it's still pleasantly warm most of the time. Gran Canaria also enjoys a very sunny climate with relatively little rainfall, and winter and spring are ideal times for sightseeing and making the most of the island's beautiful hiking routes.

4 hours and 35 minutes

Fly to Gran Canaria International Airport, which is approximately 27km or 20 minutes from San Agustín.