Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Why is travel insurance important?

When you purchase travel insurance you are in essence protecting yourself against travel risks. The most common being cancellation of your holiday, stolen luggage and medical cover.
According to The Association of British Insurers (ABI).

  • 3,000 Britains require emergency medical treatment abroad every week.
  • The average medical claim now supasses £1,300
  • £145 million was paid out for 167,000 cancellation claims
  • The average claim relating to heart problems in the US is £241,000

Despite this, one in five Brits travel overseas without travel insurance. Having a suitable policy in place not only gives you peace of mind, but can really save you a small fortune should the worst happen.

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What is travel insurance?

To put it simply: travel insurance or 'holiday insurance' is a precaution. When going on holiday you invest money in your trip: from transport, parking, accommodation and luggage — not to mention your health too.

When you book a travel insurance policy, you're buying security. If things go wrong before your holiday, while travelling or when you're away, you can relax knowing that Holiday Extras has you covered against insurable, unforeseen incidents that could negatively impact your holiday.

Whether you need a single trip policy, an annual travel insurance policy to cover you for 365 days, or maybe you're setting sail and need cruise insurance — we have a wide array of comparable cover level options for you to choose from.

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Covid-19 Cover

Gold and Platinum Policies

Extra assurance and protection for your plans and finances are like gold dust at the moment. We have introduced Covid Cover protection to our Gold and Platinum travel insurance.
This includes cover for:

  • Cancelling your trip if you catch Covid-19 before travelling
  • Cancelling your trip if someone named on the policy catches Covid-19
  • Denial of boarding for your return flight due to a suspected case of Covid-19 (Platinum only or optional extra)
  • Cancelling or cutting your trip short due to changes in FCO advice caused by fire, flood, storm, earthquake, riot or civil unrest

Those policies now include:

  • Cancellation if you or anyone insured on your policy contracts COVID-19 prior to travelling and receives a positive test within 14 days prior to the travel start date.
  • £10,000,000 if customers require emergency medical treatment abroad
  • Repatriation if required
  • Cover for additional travel and accommodation costs if the customer is discharged from hospital but medically unable to return home immediately
  • Costs for one other person to stay with the customer, or to travel to the customer from the UK and accompany them home
  • Travel costs to or from a hospital relating to your admission, discharge or attendance for outpatient treatment
  • Travel costs to and from appointments, or for the collection of medication prescribed for you by the hospital and the cost of additional food and drink
  • Platinum only: cover for additional accommodation and/or return transportation if you are denied boarding your return flight due to having or being suspected of having COVID-19

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