Madeira holidays

Madeira holidays will take you to a land of breathtaking landscapes and botanical beauty. This sun-drenched island is known as ‘the Floating Garden’, so you can expect lots of colour, from the turquoise coastline to the scarlet poinsettias that cover the landscape. Walkers will love trekking through the lush scenery. Or you can head for a beautiful beach at Porto Santo for an afternoon in the sunshine with the kids. Explore Madeira’s traditional villages and enjoy fresh seafood in a local taverna. Or head for the bustling capital for Funchal for a cosmopolitan affair. It’s up to you to make holidays in Madeira your own.

Things to do

It’s no wonder Madeira is called the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’: you can experience the true beauty of the island’s rich landscape from the tiny village of Curral das Freiras. Or soak up the unspoilt views from the dramatic cliff face at Cabo Girão. Looking for history? Explore Funchal’s Gothic Sé Cathedral, or travel by cable car up to the charming little village of Monte. Water spots enthusiasts will love the crystal-clear waters. Head to Garajau National Marine Park for spectacular scuba-diving. If you have the kids with you then there are plenty of family-friendly attractions to try out in Madeira, and top of the list has to be the Aquaparque waterpark. This popular attraction is the perfect place for family fun.

Excellent beaches

The stunning beaches of Maderia are exceptionally beautiful. Soft black sand and pebbles line picturesque coves that shelve into warm clear waters of shimmering blue. As well as sandy shores, there are numerous beaches with other unique characteristics. If you want to swim in a peaceful setting under the warm sunshine then Calhau da Lapa’s clear waters are perfect. Hidden at the bottom of a steep slope in Campanario, you won’t find sunbeds or parasols but will find secluded silence and crystal clear waves.

For incredible photo opportunities, visit Porto Moniz to witness the giant lava rocks that sit in the warm pools. Follow the steps into the natural bathing pools and relax, soaking up the beauty of the island’s famous scenery.

History and culture

The botanic island of Madeira is in the autonomous region of Portugal and first became a popular tourist destination in the 1850s. Surprisingly, in the 16th century, Madeira was Portugal’s top producer of wheat and then sugar cane, which brought in more wealth for the region. This started a variety of trade in the 17th century, including today’s most exported product, the famous Madeira wine.

Madeira is still rich in traditional culture that can be seen through its architecture and delightful customs. Recited by writer Ernest Hemingway as the ‘most exhilarating experience’ of his life; one of the most famous traditions, is a toboggan ride down the hill from Monte to Funchal. Take a ride in the wicker toboggans to be pushed by a team of Carreiros de Monte, who fly with you down the paved streets and break using only their rubber-soled shoes.

Food and drink

Madeira is widely known for its undeniable beauty, but also its rustic food and delicious wine. Traditional food consists of hearty meals like espetada, which is marinated garlic and beef cooked with bay leaves on skewers. As Madeira is surrounded by water, you can expect to find freshly caught fish dishes to suit your appetite in most restaurants. A top priority when visiting is to try the famous Madeira wine, made directly from the vineyards across the island.


Madeira’s nightlife is said to be quieter than those found on the mainland of Portugal. This said, you could still enjoy a late evening meal and a few cocktails in the numerous pubs and bars where live music and entertainment can often be found. The island really comes alive at the weekend where you can dance the night away in the several nightclubs that are open late. In Funchal, the atmosphere is more contemporary with an abundance of upbeat nightlife to enjoy throughout the week.

Places to stay

Madeira’s largest city, Funchal, is located on the south coast of the island. For a taste of Madeiran life, take a wander through its narrow streets. Sample authentic Madeiran dishes like sopa de tomate e cebola, a tomato and onion soup topped with a poached egg, in one of its many traditional restaurants. Quaint little art galleries, museums and markets can be found throughout the city. Just six kilometres east of Funchal is the quiet seaside village of Caniço de Baixo. An oasis of calm, the idyllic resort is perched upon a hill overlooking the sea. Take a stroll along the cliffs and admire the panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Map of Madeira

30 ℃

Enjoy hot and sunny summer highs

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4 hours

Fly from many UK departure points to Madeira Airport (FNC)

Madeira is best for...

Adventurers: Trek or cycle through Madeira’s stunning landscape, which is one of the finest anywhere in Europe. Discover towering cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, and a dramatic coastline.

Culture lovers: Experience local food and wine; listen to a soulful fado singer; and watch folk dancers in traditional dress.

Beach lovers: Explore golden sandy shoes and soak up the sun on Porto Santo Island; Madeira’s little sister lives 50km offshore.

Fast facts for Madeira

Language: The language spoken in Madeira is Portuguese.

Currency: The currency used in Madeira is the Euro (€).

Local time: Madeira is the same time as GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Madeira Airport. The transfer time to Funchal is about 1 hour.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Madeira is 4 hours.

Tourist information: Find more tourist information at before your Madeira holidays.

Visa / health: Visit ahead of your holidays to Madeira for visa and health recommendations and advice.

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Getting around Madeira

By taxi: They’re easy to find in resorts like Funchal, and it’s a convenient way to get from the airport. Look out for the yellow cabs with blue stripes on the side.

By bus: An affordable and reliable way to travel around the island. Lots of buses run between the main resorts all year round.

By hire car: Want to travel at your own pace? Or head off the beaten track? Hiring a car is the best way to make the most of holidays in Madeira.

Events in Madeira

Wine Rally: It’s the biggest event in the region, and takes place every August. Look up the race course beforehand so you know the best place to watch the action.

Nature Festival: This week-long event is an excuse to enjoy the natural landscape and join in with outdoor pursuits.  Family-friendly adventures including bird watching, kayaking and horseback riding.

Atlantic Festival: A cultural highlight of the year, it takes place across the island throughout June to make the beginning of summer. Expect music, fireworks, and street performers galore.

Wine Festival: For a real taste of Madeiran culture, head for this local fiesta. It’s held at the end of August every year to celebrate the harvest and the island’s wine-making tradition.

Madeira weather

Temperature: Expect summer highs of 30°C

Best time to visit Madeira: Between May and September, when the climate is warm and sunny, but not too hot, with little rainfall.
Madeira weather is lovely and mild during the summer. The Gulf Stream means ensures the island stays warm all year long. The average temperature is 17°C even during winter. You’ll want to bring a brolly, though, as Madeira’s sub-tropical climate means that rain is likely at this time of year.

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