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Congratulations! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life. You’ve sent out the invites for the big day - now it’s time to plan that dream honeymoon. Where would you like to go? You could gaze up at the stars from your own private hot tub in Santorini, sip cocktails from the top of a skyscraper in Dubai, or even paddle through bioluminescent bays together in the Caribbean. 

Whether you’re seeking a short and sweet minimoon, action-packed maximoon, or celebratory  babymoon, we’ve narrowed down a list of the most romantic holidays in the world’s best honeymoon destinations.


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Close-to-home honeymoons

Looking for swoon-worthy honeymoon spots just a short hop from the UK? Take your pick from Spain’s steamy south or Italy’s fairy tale Piazza’s, all under 3 hours away. Sip limoncello to sunset views over Mount  Vesuvius in Sorrento, fire up your evenings with flamenco and tapas in Seville or seek out the quiet coves and powdery beaches of Ibiza. 

A-little-further-away honeymoons

Far-far-away honeymoons

If it’s a far-flung exotic retreat you’re after, why not make a break for the Indian Ocean? Visit the famous temples of Thailand, go tea picking in Sri Lanka, or even witness the Seven Coloured Earth in Mauritius. And for the ultimate remote island experience,  you could always book a honeymoon in the Maldives. There’s nothing quite like a stay in an overwater bungalow

Luxury Caribbean honeymoons

Romantic city honeymoons

What could be more exciting than exploring a new city together? The buzz of New York, the enchantment of ancient Rome, the vibrancy of Barcelona - it’s enough to sweep you off your feet. From watching gondolas glide down The Grand Canal in Venice to catching the glittering Eiffel Tower from a rooftop bar in Paris, there are so many amazing romantic breaks to choose from. And what's more, most of these cities are just a short hop from the UK!

LGBTQ-friendly honeymoons

All Inclusive honeymoons

Adult-only honeymoons

For couples seeking swanky facilities, poolside tranquillity, and undisturbed luxury, check out this selection of adult-only holidays in some of the world's most famous honeymoon resorts. Think plush Bali beds, state-of-the-art spas, grown-up activities and romantic alfresco dining. From close-to-home holidays for couples to the far-flung shores of the Caribbean, find something that’s top-notch, minus the screaming kids

Honeymoons in Florida

Buckle up for a wild and wonderful honeymoon in Florida. A treasure trove of natural wonders, the Sunshine State is so much more than theme parks and beautiful beaches.  Swim with manatees in the Crystal River, zipline over the turquoise canyons in Ocala, or lose yourself in the Rock Springs of Apopka. And after dark, kayak through the bioluminescent lagoons on the Space Coast.