Caxton Currency Card

Travel money card

One card, multiple currencies

A free account, competitive rates, no overseas fees

The Caxton Currency Card is the cheaper, smarter and safer way to spend when you're abroad. Keep all of your money secure in one place, get access to great rates, top-up on the go and withdraw cash from ATMs for free.
One card, multiple currencies
You can load up to 15 different currencies on your Caxton Card. Whether you load before you go when the rates are good, or top up your card while you’re away, you’ll always get our competitive rates.

Fee-free spending, wherever you go
Your Caxton Currency Card is accepted in more than 35 million locations around the world (wherever you see the MasterCard logo). We don’t charge any transaction fees, so whether you’re using contactless for dining at sunset or withdrawing money for a taxi ride, we’ve got you covered.

Manage your money on the go
Can’t remember how much you spent on that last meal? Log into your account via the mobile app and check instantly, you can also top up directly via the app. And if your card goes missing, block it at the touch of a button. Caxton puts you in control.

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