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A lush tropical region with a rhythmic heartbeat and easy-going charm, there’s nowhere on the planet quite like the Caribbean. As well as having some of the most breathtaking tropical landscapes in the world, it has a contagious energy that lives on in its visitors long after they leave. From the lingering scent of rum in air to the pleasant sound of drumming in the distance, the Caribbean offers a slice of paradise.

Things to do

From sampling the Dominican Republic’s local rum to trekking to Jamaica’s breathtaking Dunn’s River waterfall, there’s enough to experience in the Caribbean to send your senses into a frenzy. Cuba’s picture-perfect beaches are the ideal location for a moment of quiet reflection, while St. Lucia is renowned for its world-class snorkelling and scuba-diving spots. Take a dive into Caribbean culture with a freshly prepared taco from one of Mexico’s many street stands. The rich salsa flavours will satisfy your hunger just enough to prepare you for a night of heavy partying in one of Cancun’s legendary nightclubs. 

Where to stay

Whether you’re searching for a postcard-perfect setting to fall in love with, or the best music spot to perfect your dancing skills, the Caribbean has a place to cater to your needs. Cuba’s pristine beaches and vivid marine life will impress even the most experienced traveller, while the Dominican Republic’s vibrant Latin culture is guaranteed to get you on your feet. For nightlife unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, head north west to Mexico’s party capital, Cancun, where you'll be treated to performances from DJs and artists from around the world. 

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Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) is 9 miles west of Havana in Cuba; Cancún International Airport (CUN) is 14 miles southwest of Cancún in Mexico;  Punta Cana International airport (PUN) is 21 miles east of the country.

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