66 Things to do in Caribbean

With sapphire-blue seas, sparkling white sands, and a pace of life that's so laid back it's practically asleep, the Caribbean Islands and Mexico are among the ultimate holiday destinations. However, there's much more to this gorgeous part of the world than the chance to soak up some tropical sunshine! There are plenty of Caribbean activities to try, whether you're travelling with the whole tribe, enjoying a romantic getaway with your other half, or kicking back with a group of mates. From white-knuckle water sports to natural wonders and an astonishing array of wildlife, you'll find loads of things to do in the Caribbean, whatever your interests are.

Spot tropical animals

Full of vibrant wildlife, the Caribbean region’s a fantastic place for animal lovers. Whether you're with the family or your partner, there are more than a few must-sees to put on your list.  If you're with the kids, Xel-Ha Park is one of the most exciting places to go in Mexico. It’s a natural waterpark, filled with tropical sea life like angelfish and turtles, and perfect for novice snorkellers - you can also go cycling, ride a zip line and zoom down waterslides. If you prefer your wildlife a little less wet, you’re going to love the nature trail at Millet Rainforest in St Lucia, where you can spot rare parrots, graceful flycatchers and Caribbean lizards among the many different resident species.

Cool down underground

When you're looking for things for families to do in the Caribbean that are a little bit different, you'll find some fabulous sights right under your feet! Cuba's Saturno Cave, just a short walk from Coral Beach, is peppered with spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and a subterranean lake filled with glittering, crystal-clear water. While most visitors come to walk around the cave, those with a nose for adventure can go snorkelling or scuba-diving in the lake and see the views from underwater. Or, in the Dominican Republic, don your safety gear for a tour of the vast limestone cave system near Bavaro, complete with underground river and an array of rock formations.

Immerse yourself in the past

Not just a paradise for beach fans, the Caribbean also has a fascinating history. Visit Cancun, Mexico, to unleash your inner Indiana Jones and explore the crumbling elegance of the Coba Mayan Ruins, or head to Tulum and immerse yourself in ancient history at the archaeological sites of the El Castillo pyramid, The Great Palace (also known as the House of the Columns) and the Temple of the Frescoes. Around the islands, you can see grand old plantation houses and, in sobering contrast, learn about the lives of enslaved Africans. George Washington House & Museum in Barbados is a great example. There’s also plenty of history on your plate, as Caribbean and Mexican dishes are rich with influences from an array of African and European countries - an everyday taste of the region’s multicultural heritage.

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