Harbour Island in The Bahamas

A small island sitting just off the edge of the larger Eleuthera in The Bahamas, Harbour Island will stun you with its pink sand beaches and outlying coral reefs. It's small but has lots of things to do, and delights with its picturesque views and fantastic small-town feel.

The overwhelming feeling enveloping you is one of warmth, from the simple wooden buildings to the friendly welcoming locals. The typical laid-back Caribbean attitude is turned up to 11 on this sleepy island. Even though there's just a handful of resorts and amenities, you never feel under-served.

Instead, it has an air of exclusivity and a sense of remoteness that enhances your Bahamas escape. If you're planning on spending your whole holiday here, then you'll really feel like you've got away from it all.

The luxury resorts all sit within a stone's throw of the famous pink sand beach and the island's few port harbours. This makes it a great place for lying back and sunbathing, or perfect as a jumping-off point for an island-hopping adventure around the region.

But whether you're relaxing or roaming, you'll find the main hub of Dunmore Town to be an idyllic trip into the past, with houses more than 100 years old lining the streets.

If you're interested in history, then a visit to wonderful Loyalist Cottage is essential. Its wooden façade and colonial styling make it one of the most impressive structures on the island. This, combined with the Commissioner's Residence built in 1913 and St John's Anglican Church from 1768, are just some of the beautiful examples of historic buildings on the island.

Harbour Island is ideal for a day trip, as well. With great sight-seeing, beaches and places to eat, you'll be able to fully enjoy your jaunt in comfort and luxury, even if it's only a flying visit.

If you're interested in mysteries, then a trip to the Lone Tree is a must. It's a large piece of driftwood standing on the sand like a beautiful sculpture. It seems to have arrived at Girls Bank during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 but no-one quite knows how.

Soft on the toes, a walk on the island's Pink Sand Beach never gets too hot, as the grains stay cool and mild all year round. This unusual beach gets its extraordinary colours from tiny sea creatures called Foraminifera. These red and bright pink ocean-dwellers live on the reefs and sea floors of places like nearby Devil's Backbone. The creatures' bodies are crushed together with the rocks, salt water and sand of the beach to create the bright colouring. As the sand gets wet, and the sun reflects against it, it becomes even more colourful, giving you a fantastic shift of hues from sea to shore.

It's a beautiful destination to visit, but it's not just for sightseeing. You can try horse riding across the beach (always popular with honeymooners and couples), snorkelling around the reefs or a spot of gentle swimming. With its landscape filled with pastel tones, lush green palm trees and turquoise waters, you'll fall in love with this unique island regardless of how long you stay.

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