Nylon Pool Tobago

The Nylon Pool is an offshore sandbar with still waters that form a natural swimming pool in the middle of the sea. It is shallow enough that you can stand comfortably with the waters reaching your waist. This area of white sand is just behind the Buccoo Reef so you'll need to be taken here by boat, as it is surrounded by deeper ocean waters.

The Nylon Pool has got the royal stamp of approval as it was apparently named by Princess Margaret. The princess visited Tobago in 1962 during her honeymoon and when she was taken to this spot, she said “it's so crazy-blue, it looks like nylon” and the name has stuck ever since.

Legend has it that the waters of the Nylon Pool have a rejuvenation quality to them and if you rub the sand from the bottom on you, it will have you looking ten years younger, but you can make your own mind up on that one!

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