Fort Bennett Tobago

Admire the sights of the remains of past and the beauty of the present at the site of Fort Bennett. It is located in Black Rock, overlooking Grafton Beach so you can expect some amazing sea views as well as the site of the historic fort. All that remains of the fort is the tops of the walls as the rest of it has been buried underneath the ground over time.

There are also two cannons within the walls, positioned in the same way the English did during battle, so you can picture yourself in their shoes.

Built in the 17th century, Fort Bennett has a fascinating history in regards to its ownership, having been fought over by many different countries and nationalities. It was originally built to protect ships loading sugar in the bay but fast forward to the present and it's now a viewing point for local beauty, surrounded by beautifully landscaped Caribbean gardens, with plants and flowers that are all labelled so you know what you're looking at.

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