Tobago holidays

Tobago holidays

Tobago is an unspoiled island in the Caribbean; it’s the ideal place to get away from it all. It’s slightly smaller than its sister island, Trinidad, but it’s absolutely brimming with glorious rainforests, colourful coral reefs and miles of pristine beaches. From the volcanic shorelines (where you’ll find Hawksbill turtles) to the refreshing Nylon Pool lagoon, this is a dream-like destination. And on top of all this, you’ve got year-round sunshine. Holidays in Tobago really are your little slice of paradise. 

Things to do

You won’t be able to resist the white-sand beaches and the sparkling blue sea is a calming presence. If you want to explore what lies beneath, you can try exploring the beautiful coral reefs with a spot of diving or snorkelling. You can discover a wealth of natural beauty beyond the shoreline, too; make a beeline for the UNESCO-protected Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve to see the tropical rainforest in all its glory.

Golfers will adore the island’s two championship golf courses, boasting panoramic ocean views that could easily put you off your swing. When you’re ready to sample traditional cuisine, it’s worth seeking out crab and flour dumplings with a sip of spicy pacro water. If you want to let loose, go ahead and get dressed up for one of the country’s famous carnivals. 

Beautiful beaches
You’ll definitely feel you’re in a tropical paradise on Tobago’s beaches. They are truly stunning with white or golden sands and warm waters, fringed by palm trees and other lush greenery. Tobago has so many beaches that it is impossible to visit them all on one holiday to the island. There are some secluded and isolated, and there are some that are well-known with lots going on, no matter how much of a favourite some of the beaches are with tourists, they all remain fairly quiet and unspoilt.

Natural beauty
Tobago is a nature lover’s paradise as it is surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty. It’s home to hundreds of species of birds, wildlife and marine life including dolphins and endangered turtles, making it a prime location for animal spotting. The sea waters are so clear that you can easily see the colourful fish and coral reefs underneath, perfect for diving and snorkelling.  It is also surrounded by plants and flowers and has the largest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere.  

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Map of Tobago

29 ℃

Enjoy a tropical climate all year round.

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11 hours

ANR Robinson International Airport (TAB).

Tobago is best for...

Beach lovers: Unwind in the Caribbean sunshine on Store Bay at Crown point, or head for Stonehaven Bay to see wild scenery and leatherback turtles nesting.

Couples: Quiet beaches, turquoise waters and glorious scenery; is there anything more romantic? Head for Pigeon Point beach if you really want to get away from it all.

Explorers: Wind your way through the oldest rainforest in the Western hemisphere, Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Or head straight for Buccoo Reef National Park via a glass-bottomed boat.

Fast facts for Tobago

Language: English.

Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TT$).

Local time: Tobago is 5 hours behind GMT/UK time.

Fly to: A.N.R. Robinson International Airport. It's just 10 minutes to transfer to Turtle Beach and Grafton Beach and around 30 minutes to Scarborough.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Tobago is 11 hours.

Tourist information: Find out more before you travel, here

Visa / health: Click here to read about health and advice recommendations and advice before you go on holiday.

Getting around Tobago

By taxi: Taxis and maxi-taxis (privately owned mini-buses) are readily available in towns, hotels and the airport. It’s a quick and easy way to get around.

By hire car: If you want to make the most of your time on the island, this is the way to do it. If your Tobago holidays are during the peak times, be sure to book a few months in advance to get the car you want.

By bus: You’ll find the main bus terminal in the island capital of Scarborough, with routes covering the majority of the island.

Events in Tobago

Carnival: It’s the most popular event here; expect flamboyant dancers and traditional music galore. Held in February or March, you can party day and night during this two-day event.

Buccoo Sunday School Street Party: No, there’s nothing religious about it. But this weekly event in the village of Buccoo is the perfect way to sample a slice of this islands social life. Think live music and dancing, and expect to join in, there’s no spectators here, everyone’s a participant!

Easter goat and crab racing: Yes, you read that right! If you’re around at Easter, come and watch this fun-filled event in Buccoo. It’s one of the island’s less conventional traditions. 

Tobago weather

Temperatures: The average temperature is 29°C.

Best time to visit: To make the most of the sunshine, book your getaway for the dry season (December to May).

You can expect a tropical climate and year-round sun on holidays to Tobago. The island has two main seasons: dry season runs from December to May and the rainy season is from June to November. But even during rainy season, mornings tend to be sunny and the rain usually falls in short, sharp bursts so you can still enjoy your holiday. And nights are lovely and clear, too, so you’ll see a fabulous Milky Way and millions of stars; just right for a moonlight stroll along the beach. 

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