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Tobago holidays

Tobago is an unspoiled island in the Caribbean; it’s the ideal place to get away from it all. It’s slightly smaller than its sister island, Trinidad, but it’s absolutely brimming with glorious rainforests, colourful coral reefs and miles of pristine beaches. From the volcanic shorelines (where you’ll find Hawksbill turtles) to the refreshing Nylon Pool lagoon, this is a dream-like destination. And on top of all this, you’ve got year-round sunshine. Holidays in Tobago really are your little slice of paradise. 

Things to do

You won’t be able to resist the white-sand beaches and the sparkling blue sea is a calming presence. If you want to explore what lies beneath, you can try exploring the beautiful coral reefs with a spot of diving or snorkelling. You can discover a wealth of natural beauty beyond the shoreline, too; make a beeline for the UNESCO-protected Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve to see the tropical rainforest in all its glory.

Golfers will adore the island’s two championship golf courses, boasting panoramic ocean views that could easily put you off your swing. When you’re ready to sample traditional cuisine, it’s worth seeking out crab and flour dumplings with a sip of spicy pacro water. If you want to let loose, go ahead and get dressed up for one of the country’s famous carnivals. 

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