Aruba holidays

Aruba holidays

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Aruba holidays are all about long stretches of Caribbean coastline backed by lush devi-devi trees and colonial architecture. Think powdery white toe-sinking sands that slope gently into beautifully clear waters. Named among the top 10 beaches in the world by TripAdvisor's Travellers’ Choice Awards, Eagle Beach should be on your radar.

And alongside its award-winning stretches, holidays to Aruba are rich in culture. From Europe to Africa and Asia, you’ll find influences from all around the globe. Did you know this Caribbean hotspot is part of the Netherlands? You’ll find remains of Dutch heritage at De Olde Molen (AKA Dutch windmill), Palm Beach. 

Aruba is also known as ‘One Happy Island’, which is fitting because once you find out it’s one of the sunniest Caribbean islands, you won’t stop smiling. 

Things to do 

Beyond the coastline, there are an array of must-see sights. And De Palm Island should be first on your list. Located 10 minutes from Oranjestad via boat, this awe-inspiring archipelago is packed with multi-storey waterslides, beachfront cabanas, banana boats and flamingos! Yes, you heard us right. These light pink creatures call this island home and you get a front-row seat to watch them roam. 

Step away from nature's finest and check out ruins dating back to 2500 BC. The gold mines of Bushiribana and Balashi will give you a glimpse into Aruba’s pirate heritage. But for island artefacts and historical documents, the 17th century Fort Zoutman is equally fascinating. 

Those travelling with kids should make a beeline for Bushiri go-karting track for a dose of adrenaline. And animal lovers won’t be able to resist horse riding through the island’s cascading waterfalls. While, deep sea explorers will love jumping off a pirate-style boat into the wreck of Antilla or Boca Catalina for scuba and snorkelling exhibitions.

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Map of Aruba

30 ℃

This year-round destination is full of sunshine and spring is the best season to visit for little to no rainfall.

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9.5 hours

Get ready to jet-set to Queen Beatrix International Airport in the heart of Aruba. Thanks to the island's small size, it’s only a 15-minute car ride from the main resorts of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

Aruba is best for...

Beach bums: Whether it’s secluded coves wedged between limestone cliffs at Boca Prins or the azure waters of Baby Beach with its half-moon coastline and barbecued beachfront eats, each stretch is a little slice of paradise. But Palm and Eagle Beach are the top dogs of the island with fancy hotels decorating the backdrop, barefoot dining and chic cocktail spots housing the best sunset viewings in Aruba.

Watersports: Is any Caribbean holiday complete without snorkelling the clearest waters in the world? And Roger’s Beach is the place to do it with a local dive shop onsite should you want to venture deep into its underwater oasis. But when you want to catch the wildest waves, Hadicurari  is a paradise for windsurfers. 

Natural marvels: There’s more to this tropical spot than just beaches, including unique volcanic rock formations that hide plunge pools. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, a 4x4 adventure over its colossal sand dunes is a must. Or, hike into the wilds of Arikok National Park to discover a bay of turtle nests.  

Fast facts for Aruba

Language: The official language spoken in Aruba is Dutch and Papiamento, but most Arubans speak a minimum of four languages including English and Spanish. However, learning a phrase or two of the native language will go a long way with the locals. 

Currency: Aruban Guilder (AWG) although US Dollars are also widely accepted

Local time: Aruba is four hours behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA), which is around 10.7km from Palm Beach

Flight time from UK: 9.5 hours

Tourist information: Further Prague tourist information can be found at the official tourism website for Aruba

Visa / Health: Before you travel, check the latest advice from The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. 


Getting around Aruba

Bike: When it comes to taking in awe-inspiring views, cycling is the way to do it. Not only is it great exercise and fun, but you’ll discover off-the-beaten-track mountain trails and get lost among tropical countryside landscapes.

Car hire: If you want the flexibility to explore this breathtaking island at your own pace, renting a car is the way to do it. The island is only 19.6 miles long and six miles across, yet there’s plenty to discover - from secret beaches to national parks and natural pools. And don’t worry about getting lost, Aruba’s signature divi-divi trees grow in the direction of the coast. 

Bus: As Aruba is small in size, buses are a very quick and inexpensive way to get around.  Services to and from downtown Oranjestad and the resort areas run every 15 minutes from 5:45am to 6pm. After dark, you can expect an interval of 40 minutes until they stop running at 11:30pm. 

Events in Aruba

Carnival season: January sees the beginning of carnival season with all-singing, all-dancing parades taking over the streets of Oranjestad and San Nicolas. Enjoy vivid costumes, delicious food stalls and live music as people from across the 70-mile long island come together to celebrate. Check out the carnival’s crown jewel, The Tivoli Lighting Parade, where twinkling lights shimmer from floats and costumes. 

Soul Beach Music Festival: Aruba’s annual Soul Beach Music Festival dials up the fun with beach parties, live music and comedy concerts taking over Palm Beach and Oranjestad. Regularly rated  as one of the Caribbean’s best music festivals, it’s common for international artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Chaka Khan to make their presence felt. This sometimes coincides with the three-day Aruba Food & Wine Festival, now that’s a winning combination!

Hi-Winds Tournament: Watersport lovers this one’s for you! Wind and kite surfers descend on the island from around the world to compete in a contest powered by Aruba’s trade winds. Typically, the tournament takes place within sight of the luxurious resorts of Palm Beach and is the largest watersport event of its kind in the Caribbean. 

Aruba weather

Temperature: 25-30℃ 

As one of the world’s sunniest islands, Aruba is blessed with clear skies and high temperatures rarely dipping below 30°C all year round. Although the weather can be tropical, the island lies south of hurricane paths, meaning you’ll likely avoid any major effects of a storm. And when it does rain, it usually comes in short erratic showers followed by glorious sunshine. Plus, it’s still extremely warm, so a little downpour is usually welcomed. If you want to keep your rainfall chances low, the best time to visit is between February and May. 

It may be hot, but this Caribbean spot is renowned for its trade winds, keeping it cool enough to enjoy sunbathing stints on its most famous beaches. But most importantly, creating the perfect waves for watersports. Speaking of the water, a dip in the ocean is like taking a warm bath thanks to its toasty 29 °C temperature.