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A holiday to Cancun gives you the chance to go exploring in a vibrant city, set on Mexico’s spectacular Riviera Maya. Known for its gleaming white beaches and upbeat atmosphere, the city’s glorious coastline invites everything from lazy days spent sunbathing to diving and sailing.

While Mexico is famed for its rich history and ancient ruins, Cancun is very much a 21-century city bursting with sleek shopping malls and superb restaurants. So, if you fancy flexing your bargain-hunting muscles or unleashing your inner foodie, you’ll find plenty of places to go. There are plenty of fun things for kids, including the popular Interactive Aquarium, and fun things for adults like championship golf courses and a full-on party scene. 

Cancun is a vibrant city surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear waters of the warm Caribbean seas. Once a small fishing town along the northern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the city has now bloomed into a thriving holiday resort destination. Due to the long stretches of golden sandy beaches, luxury hotels and electric nightlife the resort now attracts over four million visitors every year. Split between downtown markets and the Hotel Zone a visit to Cancun synthesises the best of local cultural attractions and luxury beach highlife.

Long white beaches

A stretch of 22 kilometre golden beach weaves around the Cancun coastlines. Gently lapping against these shores are the warm Caribbean seas where you will find an array of both secluded beaches and vibrant resorts to enjoy your holiday in style and in comfort. Across the beaches there are opportunities to go diving, snorkelling sailing or even swimming with dolphins at the interactive aquarium.

Ancient history

Cancun is rich with Mayan history and the resorts regularly run day trips to the town of Tulum and its ancient archaeological sites. Here you can visit the Pyramid El Castillo, The Great Palace, Windows in the Castillo and Temple of the Frescos. The well preserved sites are a throwback to the 15th century Mayan era. Tulum is a town brimming with ancient history and romance, set amidst a backdrop of breathtaking scenery. Visitors often stay to indulge in the range of luxury massage treatments from the local resorts.


After absorbing the local beach life and ancient history why not try out some of Cancun’s night time entertainment. The Hotel Zone clubs have state of the art light shows, DJs, acrobats and impersonators to provide an exhilarating clubbing experience. If you’re feeling more adventurous then travel to down town Cancun where you can even enjoy an evening of flamenco dancing, cabaret and dancing performances from one of the many local bars.

Things to do

Book a Thomas Cook holiday to Cancun for the palm-fringed beaches of the Riviera Maya, swim with dolphins in the sapphire seas, and experience the buzz of world-class nightlife.

28-36 ℃

With an average temperature of 28 (°C) throughout the year, you can expect hot, clear, sunny days and warm, balmy evenings.

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Ten Hours

It takes around 10 hours and 25 minutes to fly to Cancun International Airport (CUN) from the UK.

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