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Playa del Carmen is situated on the palm-lined Caribbean coast of Mexico. One of the region’s most popular resorts, its tropical climate attracts sun worshippers to the stunning beaches, complete with powdery, white sand and some of the best diving on the Riviera Maya. An ideal holiday if you want a break complete with buzzing nightlife. You’ll find plenty of bars and clubs and, if you prefer things a little more laid back, some great live music venues. For shopping, the cosmopolitan Quinta Avenida is nearby and provides an exciting mix of boutiques, markets and restaurants.

Playa Del Carmen is situated on the east side of Mexico’s sun soaked Caribbean coastline. Renowned for its chilled out ambience and mellow way of life the town has become popularised by backpackers arriving at its spotless beaches to ride the Caribbean waves. It’s one of the best surf spots south of Cancun and has a vibrant fun-loving personality that appeals to families, couples, singles and group holidaymakers. Its beach location means you can enjoy days on the sun-lounger or in comfort by the pool side whilst planning your trips to the some of Mexico’s most famous cultural hotspots rich with Mayan history and stunning scenic views.

Pristine White Beaches

The beaches at Playa del Carmen are comprised of long stretches of pristine white sands, beach clubs, hotels and restaurants. It’s a tranquil area and perfect for families to relax on the beach front with the warm Caribbean waves lapping softly against the shores. Snorkelling and swimming are highly recommended and boat trips can take you further afield into the richer dive spots where you can explore the diverse marine life.

5th Avenue

The Mexican version of the stylish New York neighbourhood is in a league of its own with back to back bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and hotels and of course Taco vans on street corners. The strip is a true part of the Mexican personality and is one of the most famous attractions in the Playa Del Carmen region. Nearby you can also find the flea market stalls selling artefacts, handcrafts and souvenirs that can be haggled down to a good price.

Cozumel Island

The beautiful island of Cozumel is one of the world’s best diving destinations with underwater caverns and limestone’s caves filled with multi coloured marine life including angel fish, snappers and damsels. It’s no surprise that this popular snorkelling destination is considered one of the jewels of the Caribbean but that’s not all. The town square is a great place to spend an afternoon and discover some of the best kept secrets of Mayan history.

Things to do

Playa del Carmen’s sun-soaked coast is the heart of the resort, where you can choose the perfect spot on a long stretch of silky white sand or plan a diving excursion out to sea. The water sports available are excellent, or you could charter a catamaran for a more relaxed way to experience the coast. Visitors with a sense of adventure can head out into Playa del Carmen’s lush surroundings for tours in the nearby reserves, famously home to rare species of wildlife. After dark, the buzzing Quinta Avenida becomes a nightlife zone, with an exciting choice of restaurants, bars and clubs to spend the warm evenings in.

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