Balearic Islands holidays

Balearic Islands holidays

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There are many faces to the Balearic Islands, from the peaceful coves of Menorca and historic towns of Majorca to the buzzing nightclubs of Ibiza. Miles of sandy beaches ring all of the Balearic Islands, making this a haven for anyone who wants to laze on a lounger, dip a toe in the water, or just do that beach holiday thing with a chilled-out vibe. Pretty whitewashed villages hide in mountainous interiors, just waiting to be explored, making Balearic Islands holidays an unbeatable mix of relaxation and revelry, with plenty of family-friendly fun thrown in.

Things to do


In Majorca, explore the historic city of Palma, which is noted for its impressive Royal Palace of La Almudaina, Gothic Cathedral and medieval Bellver Castle. Visit the beautiful walled town of Alcúdia, or head inland to the scenic hilltop villages of Deià or Valldemossa.  In the northwest of the island, you can also visit the Santuari de Lluc, a large monastery and place of pilgrimage with wonderful mountain views.

For a truly luxurious holiday, go to the stylish resort of Camp de Mar in Majorca where you can live the high life and perhaps even bump into some famous faces! For all-night partying, head to Magaluf where you’ll find lively nightclubs serving up cocktails until sunrise. Explore the historic quarter of La Palma and see its magnificent Gothic Roman cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. Or enjoy superb views of Palma from Bellver Castle, a huge Gothic-style landmark and the home of the city’s history museum.

Alternatively, take a day trip to the north of the island to see the stunning high cliffs of Cap de Formentor, one of the best places to catch the sunset anywhere in the Mediterranean. Majorca is also home to the stunning Cueves del Drach cave system, where you can see one of the biggest underground lakes in the world.


What can we say about this serious party island that hasn’t been said already? Ibiza has long been renowned for its super clubs like Dc10 and Amnesia, where the atmosphere is more euphoric than anywhere in Europe. Dance the night away to the sound of the globe’s biggest DJs in Ibiza, with sets from megastars including Calvin Harris and David Guetta. Party at globally renowned super clubs like Amnesia near San Rafael or Privilege in the heart of the island, or head to one of Ibiza’s excellent music bars for a more chilled atmosphere.

However, there’s more than just megaclubs in Ibiza. Snorkel, sunbathe or watch the sunset on lively Cala Comte beach, or explore the charming Ibiza Old Town with its stunning Renaissance landmarks and medieval cathedral. The best time for an action-packed holiday with plenty of nightlife in Ibiza is from around May to September. For a more exhilarating experience, a 4×4 ride through the pine forests of Ibiza is a must. Ibiza also has a lot to offer in terms of history and art, too. Visit the enchanting Ibiza Old Town with its photogenic whitewashed buildings and medieval cathedral, or find yourself a secret cove and simply chill out on the beach.


Because of its laid-back vibe, Menorca is arguably the best Balearic Island for relaxing holidays and for those who prefer a more chilled out experience. Key resorts like Punta Prima, Mahon and Ciutadella offer historic cultural sights alongside family-run restaurants and busy marketplaces all year round. Explore the island’s gorgeous coves, or take a ferry to Majorca’s golden beach resort of Alcudia from Ciutadella for the day. In Menorca, you can visit the buzzing markets of Mahón, explore the attractive old quarter of Ciutadella, or book a horse-riding excursion for a fun alternative to the beach. Go to the Museo de Menorca to learn about the island's ancient roots, or head to Fort Marlborough, an 18th century fort built by the British.

Walk along the powdery white sands of Cala Torta, hike through the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, or take a gentle stroll through Menorca’s shady olive groves to enjoy nature at its finest.

Places to stay

A popular Balearic Island holiday destination is Majorca, which is the largest of the islands, combining family-friendly resorts like Alcudia and Palma Nova with party capital Magaluf. Celebrity-spotters head to Camp de Mar and other stylish resorts near the capital, Palma de Mallorca. Clubbers can’t resist the lure of Ibiza’s energetic nightlife in resorts like San Antonio Town, but families have lots of choice too. They return year after year to child-friendly resorts like Es Cana and Playa d’en Bossa. Head to Menorca if you want to slow the pace down on holiday, with laid-back resorts like Punta Prima and the historic towns of Mahon and Ciutadella.

For trips in the great outdoors, the Balearic Islands are also full of natural gems, from turquoise lagoons to the dramatic mountains of Majorca. The largest Balearic Island, Majorca is remarkably diverse, with bustling coastal resorts and quiet mountain villages inland, where time has almost stood still.

The Balearic Islands are also home to some of the world’s most legendary party spots, with world-class nightclubs in the big resorts of Majorca and Ibiza. For families, the Balearic Islands are full of child-friendly resorts, too, from Majorca’s Alcudia to Ibiza’s Playa d’en Bossa. With golden sand beaches and calm, clear waters, these coastal areas are great for little ones and their parents to relax in safe, friendly surroundings.

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Map of Balearic Islands

20-30 ℃

Best time to visit: Late spring or early autumn when the air is warm and the resorts are less crowded. However, if you want almost guaranteed beach weather, the best time to take your holidays to the Balearic Islands is from around mid June to mid September, when daytime temperatures hover in the upper 20s °C and it’s dry and sunny most of the time.

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Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes

Fly to: The Balearic Islands have three airports: one each on Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca, all of which are served by various UK airports.

Balearic Islands is best for...

Scenery Lovers: Watch the sun set on the Mediterranean on a boat trip around Majorca’s northern coast, or any of the other islands with west-facing views.

Sun Worshippers: Unwind on the quiet coves of Menorca and the soft sandy beaches of Formentera during your Balearics holidays.

Night Owls: You’re spoilt for choice among the mega-clubs of Ibiza and Magaluf.

Fast facts for Balearic Islands

Language: The language spoken in the Balearics is Spanish and a dialect of Catalan called Menorquín. However, because of the Balearic Islands' popularity with British holidaymakers, you'll have little trouble getting around, as many tourist venues employ English-speaking staff. However, feel free to practice your Spanish by downloading our handy language app or taking a phrasebook with you.

Currency: The currency used here is Euro (€).

Local time: The Balearic Islands are 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Palma Airport for Majorca, Ibiza Airport for Ibiza and Menorca Airport for Menorca. Transfer times are between 15 minutes (Mahon) and 1 hour and 45 minutes (Cala Bona) but average around 1 hour (Magaluf).

Flight time from UK: The flight time to the Balearic Islands is 2.5 hours.

Tourist Information: Tourist information can be found by clicking here

Balearics Sustainable Tourism Tax: You’ll need to pay a Sustainable Tourism Tax which has been introduced by the Balearic Government to help with environmental and tourism improvements. The charge is between €1-4 per person per night, plus 10% VAT, subject to change, and varies based on the official star rating of your accommodation. Children under 16 won’t have to pay and guests staying for more than nine nights will receive a reduction. For further information please click here

Getting around Balearic Islands

By bus: Each island has a bus network connecting resorts with the major towns.

By hire car: Hiring a car is a practical way of seeing the best places on your Balearics holidays, especially if you're a family with small children.

By taxi: Taxi ranks are easy to find in the main towns. Just remember to always agree the price before you set off.

Events in Balearic Islands

Semana Santa: The season gets into full swing in May, but some hotels here will reopen in time for the Easter celebrations during “Semana Santa”.

Clubbing season: The big clubs in Ibiza and Majorca start to reopen during May and June before winding down after the summer with raucous closing parties in October.

Local Fiestas: Get into the festival spirit from 23-25 June when the fiesta of St John the Baptist takes place all over the Balearic Islands. And that’s just the start of a sizzling summer as fiesta fever grips this destination with a different celebration every week.

Balearic Islands weather

Temperatures: high 20s to 30s (°C)

Best time to visit: Late spring or early autumn when the air is warm and the resorts are less crowded.

The weather in the Balearic Islands is typical of the Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. Temperatures can reach over 30°C in July and August, which is perfect for sun-seekers. Sea temperatures peak in the mid 20s °C at this time, too, and often remain above 20°C even until late October or early November.

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Which is the hottest Balearic Island?

The average temperature of each of the Balearic Islands is quite similar, with only small variations between them. However, during the summer months, the island of Ibiza tends to be slightly hotter than the others due to its location in the southern part of the archipelago and its lower altitude. On average, the temperature in Ibiza during the peak season (June to September) ranges from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F), with occasional spikes up to 35°C (95°F) or higher. So keep your factor 50 on standby!

What are the 4 Balearic Islands?

The four Balearic Islands are Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. They are located in the western Mediterranean Sea, off the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula and are part of Spain. Not to mention it’s a popular tourist hotspot known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters and vibrant nightlife. Each of the four islands has its own distinct character and attractions, making them popular among different types of holidaymakers. From party-goers in San Antonio to family-fun in the sun in Alcudia, where will our deals take you?

Which is better Canary Islands or Balearic Islands?

Choosing between the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands (both of which are part of Spain) ultimately depends on what you are looking for in a holiday destination. 

The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Africa and are known for their year-round warm climate, stunning beaches, and diverse landscapes, including volcanic mountains and national parks. The islands are particularly popular among holidaymakers seeking a winter sun destination, as temperatures remain warm throughout the year. Yep, even in frosty December it's above 20°C. Plus, they’ve got a stand-out reputation for their vibrant nightlife and range of activities, including watersports, hiking, and cultural attractions.

On the other hand, the Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean and are famed for their stunning beaches and party scene. Not forgetting the rich cultural heritage and endless things to do, including go-karting, horse riding, cycling, and exploring traditional villages. The Balearic Islands are especially favoured among revellers, especially Ibiza, which is known as a world-class party destination. But families are just as impressed by the array of waterparks, mini golf courses and All Inclusive stays in Majorca and Menorca.

What is the local cuisine like on the Balearic Islands?

The Balearic Islands have a rich Mediterranean culinary tradition, with dishes that showcase fresh seafood, locally grown produce, and a mix of Spanish and Moorish influences. Some of the most popular dishes include paella, sobrasada (a type of cured sausage), ensaïmada (a sweet pastry), and tumbet (a vegetable dish).

Which is nicer Majorca or Menorca?

Majorca and Menorca are both beautiful islands with unique characteristics, and which one is "nicer" depends on individual preferences. Here are some key differences between the two islands to help you decide which one might be more to your liking:

- Size: Majorca is the larger island, and as a result, there are more towns, beaches, and attractions. Menorca is low-key and perfect for tranquil retreats. 

- Beaches: Menorca is known for its beautiful coastal spots, many of which are secluded and unspoiled. Majorca also has an array of idyllic coves, but they are more lively with watersports and beach clubs. 

- Nature: Menorca is renowned for its natural and untouched landscape, with more opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities.

- History and culture: For prehistoric towns, Gothic cathedrals, ancient ruins and art museums, Majorca is the answer. And when you fancy delving into local traditions and joining a festival or two, Menorca should be your go-to. 

- Nightlife: Majorca is known for its energetic party scene, especially in places like Magaluf and Palma. Menorca, on the other hand, has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. 

- Food: Both islands have excellent local cuisine and international favourites, but Majorca is known for its more extensive food scene, including high-end restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs.

What are the best beaches in the Balearic Islands?

The Balearic Islands are famous for their stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, powdery sand, and rocky cliffs. Here are some of the best sand spots to visit during your time here:

- Cala Mesquida, Majorca - a beautiful stretch with a sapphire Mediterranean coastline and a backdrop of pine forests and sand dunes.

- Cala Macarella, Menorca - a small cove with turquoise ripples and white sand, surrounded by jaw-dropping cliffs.

- Playa de Muro, Majorca - a long, wide shore with shallow waters, perfect for families with children who like to paddle. 

- Cala Salada, Ibiza - a tropical paradise renowned for its snorkelling and forest backdrop.

- Cala Mitjana, Menorca - a secluded, horseshoe-shaped bay fronted by warm azure waters.

- Cala Comte, Ibiza - a beautiful beach famed for its spectacular sunset views and backed by tasty tapas eateries and cosy cocktail bars.