Safari Zoo in Sa Coma

Look forward to a great day out with a trip to Safari Zoo. Just a couple of kilometres from Sa Coma's beach, it's the perfect way to have some fun away from the sands. There's a free bus service to get to Safari Zoo from Sa Coma, or, if you're feeling active, the walk will take less than half an hour from the beach.

The wildlife and leisure park is open all year round, with longer opening hours over the summer period. After entering the park, you'll get on the safari train, which sets off at regular times throughout the day. Take a seat in one of the open carriages and you'll soon start moving along the three kilometre route, which leads you past giraffes, zebra and baboons.

Or if you have a car while you're in Sa Coma, you can drive yourself around the park, just make sure your rental agreement covers this if it's a hire car.

Some of the animals aren't afraid to come right up to you as you drive through the park, including the cheeky monkeys that may even have a peek into your open bag. If you want to watch the animals being fed, make sure you arrive early in the day. This'll give you plenty of time to see all the park's animals too, which number over 600.

Your little ones will be fascinated to see the incredible lions, elephants and even a tiger, while they can also have some fun at one of the several playgrounds. When you get hungry, there's a restaurant where the whole family can have a bite to eat for lunch.

After your visit to Safari Zoo, catch the late-afternoon sun at the Strand Sa Coma beach. Or go and explore the picturesque Punta de n'Amer with its spectacular views.

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