Oceans Edge Diving Centre in Sa Coma

For a fascinating experience exploring the secrets of the deep on your holiday to Sa Coma, book a memorable trip with the Oceans Edge Diving Centre. With their office right on the waterfront, it's easy and convenient to find.

You can go diving with Oceans Edge every day of the week from April to October, and there's even a weekly night dive if you feel like having a go at this. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced diver, you'll be well looked after by the friendly and engaging team.

Take an introductory dive for a taster, start a PADI course, or enjoy an adventure with your children. On some dives you'll walk straight into the water from the beach, while with others you'll take a boat out to the dive site. Have a look back to shore as you head out, before turning your gaze to the sparkling Balearic waters which stretch before you.

Your dive site will be chosen based on the day's conditions, so you'll have the best access to the water and visibility . There's lots to see once you're underwater, from colourful starfish to camouflaged octopus and graceful rays. You'll also explore caves, tunnels and interesting rock formations on your exciting trip.

After spending the morning diving with Oceans Edge, spend the rest of the day relaxing in the sand at the Strand Sa Coma beach as you reflect on your exciting trip. Or if you're still feeling active, go and explore Punta de n'Amer and soak up the incredible views from the top of the cape's castle.

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