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There's an idyllic Portuguese holiday paradise to suit everyone. As you unwind on a beautiful beach, or pause for a lunch of grilled sardines in a tranquil village, you might wonder why the great Portuguese explorers ever wanted to leave this enchanting and diverse country in search of faraway lands.

Things to do

With some of Europe's finest golf courses, historical sites and a culture of colourful local festivals, the list of Portugal’s attractions is vast; and it doesn't end here. Madeira sits off the coast, adding dramatic scenery, watersports, plus gardens and valleys filled with colourful flowers, to the holiday equation. The Algarve has been a popular holiday destination for years, but there’s a still lot to discover in its charming little villages and Moorish ruins. Bask in the radiant sunshine on one of the Algarve’s golden beaches before stopping in a marisqueira for a plate of freshly grilled prawns and a glass of ice cold beer.

Where to stay

With its vast, sandy beaches and kid-friendly attractions, it’s no wonder that Albufeira is the most popular resort in the Algarve. Almost 15km west of Albufeira is Armacao de Pera, a lively area with a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants and a quaint little old town. Slightly further afield is Lagos, an ancient fishing village with a modern marina and a palm-tree lined promenade. Funchal is the biggest city on the island of Madeira. Picture cobbled streets lined with traditional restaurants and charming little shops and galleries. Just 6km east of Funchal is Caniço de Baixo, a tranquil hillside village overlooking the ocean.

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25-28 ℃

Portugal is pleasant throughout the year, with mild winters and comfortable summers.

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If you’re going to the Algarve, you’ll arrive at Faro Airport (FAO) which is 4km west of Faro. If you’re staying in Madeira, you’ll fly to Madeira Airport (FNC), 16km northeast of Funchal.

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