Whale Watching In Madeira Portugal

What's special about the island is that wildlife flourishes both on and off the land. The crystal clear waters attract a variety of sea life including whales, dolphins and turtles. These magnificent animals visit so frequently that they chose to film the famous Moby Dick in the area in the 1950s. Venture down to the coast to join in on a boat tour to see if you can spot any of the beautiful creatures for yourself. Hop on board and sail across the crystal clear water to not only see the island in all its greenery, but to try and spot all kinds of species of whale; like fin, sperm, humpback and beaked. Watch in awe as these animals jump from the water and glide through their natural habitat. If you don't manage to get out to sea, visit the Madeira Whale Museum in Canical for exhibited artefacts and models.