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The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda has been inspiring artists, poets, musicians - and even politicians for hundreds of years. Covering over 370 square kilometres, the lake is a stunning mirror of clear, blue waters, warmed by the gentle Mediterranean climate and peppered with ferries, pleasure boats and catamarans. On the northern shores, the surrounding landscape is lined with imposing mountains, used by paragliders, climbers and hikers on their holidays to Lake Garda. The southern shores are sprinkled with picturesque towns and villages, with lemon groves perfuming the air in spring and vineyards ready to give up their grapes to the local wine-makers. Home to amazing architecture, villas, and ancient cathedrals, Garda is a little gem with something for everyone to enjoy. With so much to see and do around this magnificent expanse of water, you can make your Lake Garda holidays just what you want them to be.

Things to do

Walk back into time and visit the stunning Venetian villas and the ragged ruins that lie untouched in this town. If you’ve got the kids with you, make sure to set aside some time for a visit to the best-known amusement park in the country: Gardaland. The coastal paths on the east of the lake make for easy and superbly scenic walks. 
Those who want more of a challenge on their Lake Garda holidays might fancy mountain climbing on the northern shores. Alternatively, there’s Garda town: the centre of the old town is one of the most popular attractions in the area, where you can take a break from visiting the sights in one of the little cafés in the lake-front square of the Palazzo dei Capitano and watch the world go by.

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Whether you want to go skiing in winter or sunbathing in the summer, Lake Garda holidays have something to offer all year round.

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