Wind Riders

Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned pro, get involved with some kitesurfing on your holiday to Limone courtesy of Wind Riders. Lake Garda has reliable winds, no matter the time of day. Winds blow from the north until mid-morning, then from the south from midday onwards, making it the perfect place for kitesurfing. The water's also kept warm by the surrounding mountains, so it won't be a chilly shock if you fall in. Wind Riders have a great reputation for being fun, friendly, hardworking and professional. If you've never tried kitesurfing before, they'll look after you with expert guidance, and hopefully have you zipping across the waves in no time. You'll get to use quality, well-maintained equipment, which you can hire if you've got lots of experience. If you're just renting some gear, you'll be taken upwind on the lake. This means that even if you get carried downwind, you'll be drifting back towards where you started your adventure. Or if you're having a lesson, you can choose between having a private or group session, where the staff will keep you company throughout. After learning how to control the kite, you should be able to ride the wind in both directions. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you master the technique and fly across the water, adding in jumps and tricks when you get comfortable enough. After a fun-filled experience with Wind Riders, go for a relaxing drink at Il Chiosco and watch other kitesurfers do their thing on the water. Then when your energy levels have recovered, go and explore the Chiesa San Rocco or Chiesa di San Benedetto.

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