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Beautiful unspoilt beaches, stunning landscapes teeming with exotic wildlife, and year-round sunshine has earned Cape Verde a reputation as Africa’s answer to the Caribbean. The sparkling blue sea and soft white beaches sweep up into volcanic mountains, with green valleys and rustic villages tucked in between to explore. This exotic chain of 10 islands is set in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa, so you can practically guarantee sunshine all year round.

Things to do

Sink your toes in to the soft white sand and relax at the beach, check out the water sports like snorkeling and kitesurfing, or take a tropical trek through mango tree forests high up into the mountains. Every way you look you’ll be treated to stunning views. And if you come at the right time you might also spot a rare loggerhead turtle or humpback whale from the beach! When it’s time for a spot of shopping, head into the towns or fishing villages dotted over the islands, like relaxed Santa Maria on the island of Sal. Catch up on some retail therapy at a local market, or sample delicious local delicacies at a choice of good restaurants. Visit during February and join the carnival fun as music fills the air and dancers perform through the streets.

24-30 ℃

The sun is almost permanently shining, with average temperatures comfortably around 24-30 (°C) all year.

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6 hours

Amílcar Cabral International Airport is the main international airport in Cape Verde. The airport is around 17km from Santa Maria.