Troodos Mountains in Cyprus

If you're travelling around the southern half of Cyprus, be sure to pay a visit to the Troodos Mountains. It's perfect for enjoying fresh woodland walks or taking a wine tour around the local vineyards, all accompanied by the scent of the pine forests that climb up the slopes.

Alternatively, if you fancy exploring secluded monasteries and beautiful churches, this definitely is the place for you. With that in mind, here are the top things to see and do while exploring this mountain range.

Must sees

Troodos National park is divided into five separate areas:

  1. Troodos village
  2. Marathasa (Northwest of the park)
  3. Solea (Towards the northeast)
  4. Pitsilia (Located in the east)
  5. Machairas (found further east)

If you want a good look at the tallest peak on the island, head over to the resort of Troodos itself. The village sits at the foot of Mount Olympus, so it's the perfect starting point for your mountaineering adventure.

If you fancy visiting the wealthiest and most famous monastery Cyprus has to offer, head over to Marathasa. Home to Kykkos monastery, this site's nothing short of lavish. Once you've finished up here, take time to wander around the village of Pedoulas. This hamlet's fantastic for getting a flavour of authentic mountainside living.

If you find old monasteries fascinating, then Machairas Monastery is another remarkable site to see. While you're there, drop in for a visit to the neighbouring village of Fikardou.

Must dos

If you enjoy hiking in picturesque settings, then head to the south-facing foothills of the Troodos Mountains. Here you'll find acres of vineyards and woodland just waiting to be explored.

Or perhaps skiing is more your thing? If so, head further up the mountains to Cyprus' ski resort and hurtle down the slopes. Don't forget to take a camera with you, the views at the top are incredible.

As you embark on your hike or bike ride, take a moment to appreciate all the stunning wildlife surrounding you. This National Forest Park's home to around 750 species of plants, birds, and animals. Keep a special eye out for the rare Bonelli's eagle; if you're lucky, you may see one fly by. You'll probably spot a wild sheep or two on the way, as they wander all over the slopes of the mountains.

Tips for new visitors

If you're limited on time, plan your trip to the Troodos Mountains carefully. If you want to explore beautiful churches, take in a woodland walk, dine out, or enjoy a picnic, you're better off targeting Troodos village, Marathasa, and Solea.

If you'd prefer a taste of laidback mountain life, focus on Pitsilia and Machairas. You won't be disappointed by these sleepier regions. It doesn't matter where you choose to go; all the scenery in the Troodos Mountains is divine. You're bound to have a fabulous time exploring everything this spectacular mountain range has to offer.

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