Sea caves of Cape Greco

From the ancient forests of juniper trees in the interior to the dazzling limestone caves and the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean, Cape Greco is a revelation. It's one of those secret spots that once you've discovered it, you'll fall in love with its charm, the peace and quiet, and the sheer natural beauty of it.

While the cool of the forest is charming, it's the sea caves of Cape Greco that are the main attraction. You can access them by foot or you could hop on board a boat tour to find this quiet little paradise that's tucked well off the usual tourist trail.

Why's it so special?

Cyprus' coastline is littered with teeny-tiny coves and inlets, but Cape Greco is genuinely stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous. The clarity of the water means that it's a swimmer's paradise, so make sure you come prepared with your swimwear as you'll be able to take a dip in the crystal clear waters, do some diving, or just have a lazy snorkel through the caves. The caves themselves have been carved out of the limestone over hundreds of thousands of years, and some even have their very own pirate legends attached to them.

Our top tip: head for Konnos Bay, a secluded cove that's heavenly for a lazy day on the beach, with the occasional dip in the azure waters to cool off. If you want to see other people throwing themselves into the ocean, head to the Palaces Caves, where you'll see the locals indulging in a spot of cliff jumping.

One of the iconic natural stacks is the Love Bridge: a rocky arch with one end dipping into the clear blue water, and the other firmly attached to the land. Legend has it if you kiss while standing in the middle of the bridge and then make a wish, it'll come true. There are very few buildings in the whole of the park, but the one you should stop off and see is the tiny Greek Orthodox chapel, dedicated to Agioi Anargyroi, and a popular spot for weddings. Beneath the chapel is a hermit's cave.

The other main building is the lighthouse that stands on the headland of Cape Greco, with the ruined foundations of an ancient temple dedicated to Aphrodite close by. If you're here in the spring, take a stroll along some of the footpaths and you'll spot orchids and rare flowers growing all through the park. There's also plenty of wildlife to spot, from quick little lizards darting across the rocks, to the dolphins that play in the waters offshore.

How to get here

The main options are by boat or through the park. If you arrive by car or bus, you'll arrive close to the rustic Greek Orthodox Chapel. From there you can easily make your way down the cliffs and grab some great holiday snaps of the amazing view.

While there are restaurants and cafés in the park, it's a good idea to bring your own picnic and drinks for the day. Bear in mind that it does get very hot here, especially in the summer, so don't forget your factor 50 and a sunhat.

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