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Romantic Breaks & Deals

Need some couple time? Check out these romantic holidays in the most charming cities in the world! Discover somewhere new together, or retrace your steps in a shared favourite – there’s nothing quite like spending time away from home, just you and your best friend.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, some much-needed alone time, or simply a spontaneous adventure to make your hearts beat faster, with these incredible deals you’ll be on a romantic weekend break before you can say ‘I love you’.

Choose from romantic city breaks such as Rome, Krakow, Barcelona and, of course, the City of Love itself: Paris. Plus these alluring spots are just a short journey away, so you could find yourselves strolling hand in hand along a beautiful boulevard, or murmuring sweet nothings in an enchanting restaurant, all in a matter of hours.

Need more inspiration? There are plenty more trips for two! Take a peek at our curated honeymoon holidays and adult-only escapes for all the romance you could want in stunning city and beach destinations around the globe.

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The City of Love

Paris is one of the world’s most popular destinations for romantic short breaks. While you might want to add to the thousands of ‘love locks’ that adorn some of the city’s bridges, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy weekend breaks for couples in the French capital too. Visit in the summer and you can take a sunset boat trip to the Temple Romantique – a small, Rococo-inspired temple set on an island in the middle of a lake in Paris’ biggest public park, the Bois de Vincennes. It makes the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to make their relationship a little more permanent by popping ‘The Question’. Once they’ve said ‘yes’, head to a nearby restaurant and celebrate with some sparkling champagne.

Paris breaks

Valentine’s in Venice?

Venice is also a hotspot for romantic breaks, offering lazy gondola rides around the city and delicious Italian food. St Mark’s Square, with its gleaming golden mosaics, is a draw for the romantically-minded. Sit outside the church, sipping on a cappuccino, and soak up the sound of choirs singing in the Basilica. A maze of alleys and backstreets that end in sudden squares and piazzas, Venice is also a great place to stroll around, nuzzled against each other.

Venice breaks

Romantic Rome

With ornate ruins, sensational restaurants, picturesque parks and some of the best shopping in Europe, it’s no wonder that Rome is often the first choice for romantic short breaks. Go for a wander through the Artistic Quarter, where you’ll find small, quirky boutiques and shops selling handmade jewellery and designer clothes, or enjoy fresh pasta or rosemary-infused lamb in an intimate restaurant. The piazzas are perfect for people-watching, while the views from the famous Spanish Steps are hard to beat.

Rome breaks

Discover Cupid in Krakow

Peppered with medieval buildings, Gothic spires, Baroque façades and Renaissance churches, Krakow is an ideal destination for romantic weekend breaks. Once there, it’s easy to while away a few hours browsing the stalls in the massive 5th-century Central Square. At the heart of the city, you’ll find Wawel Castle, which looks like it’s straight out of a Disney film. Explore its opulent rooms and underground passages, or pack a picnic and soak up the sun in the castle grounds.

Krakow breaks