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Kololi Beach holidays


To avoid the wet seasons and get the best of the weather in Kololi Beach, visit between winter and spring.

6 hours

The nearest airport to Kololi Beach is Banjul International Airport (BJL), approximately 30km from the resort.

Weather and climate in Kololi Beach

Temperature: Mid 30s (°C) all year.

Best time to visit: To avoid the wet seasons and get the best of the weather in Kololi Beach, visit between winter and spring. The rainy season lasts from July to October. Days are much drier throughout the winter, making Kololi Beach the perfect winter destination.

Weather In Kololi Beach
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Kololi Beach is best for...

Party goers: Drink cocktails and dance the night away in one of Kololi’s popular bars.

Beach lovers: Spend long days soaking up the African sunshine on Kololi’s sandy beach.

Explorers: Wander through the greenery of Bijilo Forest Park to find wild monkeys and tropical birds.

Fast facts for Kololi Beach

Language: The language spoken in Kololi Beach is English.

Currency: The currency used in Kololi Beach is the Dalasi (D).

Local time: Kololi Beach is the same time as GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Banjul International Airport. Transfer time to Kololi Beach is about 50 minutes. 

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Kololi Beach is 6–7 hours.

Tourist Information: Further Kololi Beach tourist information can be found at www.visitthegambia.gm.

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Getting around Kololi Beach

By bus: Buses can be hired from your hotel. Ideal if you’re travelling with a group or big family.

By taxi: Local taxis are painted green and can be found near your hotel. It’s a good idea to agree a price with the driver before you set off. And remember that tipping is welcome.

Events in Kololi Beach

Family fun: Just near the major hotels, Dream Park is a fairground and entertainment centre that’s ideal if you’ve got kids with you. Take your pick from rides, restaurants, castles and even a spaceship.

Craft Market: Near the Senegambia Strip, you’ll find over 100 stalls selling locally crafted souvenirs, such as drums, masks, African jewellery and leather accessories.

Roots Festival: Travel to Albreda and take part in the Roots Festival, a bi-annual celebration of African culture.  

Kololi Beach safety and security

Visa / Health: Before you travel to Kololi Beach, make sure to visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/gambia for health tips and advice on visas for your holiday.