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A small seaport located on the River Gambia, Banjul has a low-key night-life but brims with energy and colour during the day. Banjul Beach has a few restaurants and various nature parks within reach, whilst the large local markets offer the chance to barter for authentic African crafts. A taste of authentic Africa, Banjul Beach is a perfect Gambian retreat where you can relax on a palm–fringed beach and soak up the sub–tropical sunshine.

As the capital city of The Gambia, there’s a long history dating back to the colonial era, marking the 200th anniversary of its official founding in 2016. Visit the city's museums and two cathedrals to learn more about its history and culture. Banjul Beach is also a popular base for day trips to Gambia's inland natural attractions such as the Abuko Nature Reserve.

Things to do

Spend some time at the Banjul Gambia National Museum during your holiday, where you can learn all about the history of this nation, such as the colonial period, the liberation and growth of Banul, and West Africa's archaeological history. Or visit the Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool in Bakau, where you can see a sacred crocodile pool used for fertility rituals.

Home to the large and vibrant Albert Market, you’ll find great local produce, wooden masks, and locally made fabrics. It is named after the British royal Albert, Prince Consort, who was Queen Victoria's husband. If you're looking for some quality hand-crafted souvenirs to take home with you, this is an excellent place to visit.


Banjul, Gambia is hot all year round, although the nights are noticeably cooler in the winter, which is a little sunnier, too. The area can experience intense heatwaves from around March to May, when temperatures can occasionally exceed 38°C

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The nearest airport is Banjul International Airport (BJL), around 30km from the main resort. It’s served by London Gatwick, Manchester, and Birmingham on a seasonal basis, so it's a good idea to check flight dates before you book your accommodation.