Banjul Beach

Avg weather in January
11 Hrs per day
3 mm per month
43 % avg
11 Mph avg

Banjul Beach Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Banjul Beach in January?

If you’re after a sun-kissed break around golden sandy beaches, then heading to The Gambia in the New Year could be perfect! The Banjul Beach weather in January is hot, dry and very sunny and is an idyllic place to escape the winter in Europe.

Geographical influences

The Gambia’s on the west coast of Africa. It’s the smallest country in the continent and is surrounded by Senegal, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Banjul’s the capital city and enjoys a fantastic spot at the mouth of the Gambia River on the pretty St. Mary’s Island. January’s the dry season with hot weather blowing in from the northeast. It’s also a little sheltered from the Atlantic breeze.


Thanks to the hot tropical climate, the weather in Banjul Beach in January sees impressive temperatures and bags of sunshine. The average daytime high’s around 32°C, dropping to just 27°C on rare cooler days. The sun will shine for an average of ten hours this month from nearly 13 hours of daylight. The water temperature’s a pleasant 21°C, which gives you the chance to splash out or even take up an exciting water sport. Rain is nothing to worry about in Banjul Beach in January and it’s very unlikely you’ll see any during your stay. The UV level is quite high and the heat and humidity are high too, so take care when you’re out and about in the sun. The average wind speed’s 11mph.

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