Banjul Beach

Avg weather in February
11 Hrs per day
32 mm per month
44 % avg
12 Mph avg

Banjul Beach Weather in February

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What’s the weather like in Banjul Beach in February?

While northern Europe’s mild and wet this month, the amazing Banjul Beach weather in February means you’ll relax in balmy temperatures and hours of fantastic sunshine each day. The Gambia enjoys a hot, dry and tropical climate at this time.

Geographical influences

The Gambia’s a small country on the stunning west coast of Africa, next to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by Senegal. Banjul’s the capital city and visitors love its location on St. Mary’s Island, by the Gambia River, where it’s connected to the mainland by road. February’s in the dry season as hot weather’s blown in by north-east winds.


The weather in Banjul Beach in February is exactly what you’d expect of this African hotspot. You’ll enjoy basking in the hot daytime temperatures, which can reach a high of 34°C. At night time this can fall to a refreshing 17°C, which makes sleeping comfortable. The water temperature’s very pleasant in February, at around 21°C, which makes it ideal for a quick dip or some fun water sports. If you’re exploring The Gambia’s charming markets, streets, nature parks and sights in February, you can make the most of the region’s amazing ten hours of sunshine each day. Make sure you take care in the sun, though, as UV and humidity levels are high. Keep a bottle of water with you and use sunblock regularly. You’re unlikely to see much rain this month, with just 32mm falling in light tropical spells.

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