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A true taste of the easy-going Gambian lifestyle‚ Brufut Heights is the perfect place for relaxation. This small village is in a great location, just 2km south of Bijilo Beach, in a quiet area with a lovely stretch of sand–and–shingle beach. As you’d expect, the weather in Brufut Heights is amazing, with plenty of sunshine and a delightfully warm climate as soon as you step off the plane.

Things to do

Spend your days sipping cold drinks in a beach bar or relaxing on the soft golden sands of the beach. At lunchtime, tuck into freshly grilled fish or a spicy Gambian stew at a local restaurant. Grab your camera and embark on a boat trip down the Gambia River, where you’ll see hippos and crocodiles. The nightlife in Brufut Heights is laid-back, with most hotels holding entertainment over dinner, such as live music and traditional dancing. Dine under the stars and soak up the tropical party mood.


To avoid the wet seasons and get the best of the African weather, visit between winter and spring.

6 hours

The nearest airport to Brufut Heights is Banjul International Airport (BJL), approximately 40km from the resort.