Sharm El Sheikh old town market

Chilling out by the hotel pool all day is all well and good. But it can be good to indulge in a little culture whilst on holiday. Sometimes it's nice to mingle amongst the locals and get a real taste of their way of life.

When on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, you'll find nowhere more suited for doing just that than the resort's old town. It's in this part of town that you'll find the famous old market. This is the place to be heading in order to grab yourself the best bargain, whether it's a souvenir to take home to a loved one or even just a nice little gift for yourself.

As well as souvenirs and Bedouin crafts, the market sells a great selection of leather goods. As you well know, with every Egyptian market comes haggling. It's just part and parcel of the experience. Haggling and bartering are great ways to get the best bargain that you can, so embrace the opportunity and have fun whilst you do it. This is the way that the locals do it and it's their way of making a living. You never know, you might impress yourself and be quite good at it!

After all the effort of securing the best price on that new purse you had your eye on, you'll be needing a well-earned rest. Sit back and watch the world go by whilst enjoying some of Egypt's excellent street food such as koshari. The market is the best place to try it.

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