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With the wonders of the Red Sea on its doorstep and Egypt Pyramids just a bus ride away, Hurghada is the ideal base to discover all that Egypt has to offer. Book yourself a day trip to Cairo and hop on a comfy, air-conditioned coach. The coach picks you up from the front of your hotel early in the morning but, it's well worth the early rise to take in all the famous sights. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Sphinx and the brilliant Egyptian Museum, there's lots to see during your day trip to the pyramids.

Getting there

Just because you're staying in Hurghada, doesn't mean you can't discover the ancient wonders of Egypt. There's plenty of day trips to choose from. You can travel to the land of the pharaohs by plane or coach. If you don't want the hassle of lugging yourself around the airport, catching a coach is your best bet. The journey takes six hours and offers stunning sights and panoramic views along the way.

Coaches to Cairo tend to leave super early, and by that, we mean you better be ready to go by 2am in the morning! Don't worry, if you can't keep your eyes open, you can nod off on the coach and wake up in Cairo. You'll have an English-speaking guide on hand to answer any of your questions.

Pyramids of Giza

Your first stop is likely to be the Egypt Pyramids of Giza. You'll feel very miniature looking up at the pyramids, so prepare to have your breath taken away at the sight. Constructed around 4,500 years ago, these outstanding architectural works of art have stood the test of time and then some. Back when they were built, the three pyramids were connected by covered causeways. People believed that when pharaohs passed away, they would become gods in the afterlife, and, obviously, gods need riches and gold to rule, which is why the tombs were packed with treasures.

When you're up close to the pyramids, your jaw is guaranteed to drop at the sheer scale of the buildings. The largest belongs to Pharaoh Khufu and stands at an astounding 481 feet high. If you have the patience of a saint, you could spend hours counting all 2.3 million of its stone blocks. As you're staring up at them, you may be tempted to start climbing, but, it's best to resist the urge unless someone gives you permission. Inside the pyramids, you'll find the final resting place of some of the mummies. Don't expect to see any real ones inside though; they're all over at the Egyptian Museum.

Great Sphinx

As you approach the Sphinx, you'll pass through Khafre's Valley Temple. Some people believe that it was inside these walls and pink granite columns that the dead were mummified. Walk on the alabaster floors and marvel at the central hall, which initially housed 23 statues of Khafre. When you visit the Great Sphinx, it won't take much effort to imagine yourself in the time of the pharaohs. You can easily make your way over to this giant sculpture from the Giza pyramids.

Admire the one-of-a-kind view of The Sphinx; a legendary guardian carved entirely from a single piece of limestone. For centuries, this complex creature with the head of King Chephren and the body of a lion has been the enigmatic symbol of Egypt. So, make the most of your proximity to the iconic sculpture and snap as many pictures as you can. You can even stand at the feet of the Sphinx and ask a friend to get a fantastic photo of you.

Egyptian Museum

Your day-trip to the great Egypt pyramids wouldn't be complete without exploring the museum. You'll find the museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Home to the world's most impressive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, you'll lose yourself in the history of this bygone era. Be in awe of the glistening treasurers of Tutankhamun. Gaze at real mummies and wonder about the life they led and what stories they could tell. Make your way through the museum's 107 artefact-laden halls and get up close to Tutankhamun's remarkable death mask.

Go shopping in the bazaars

Take a break from the desert and treat yourself to some shopping in Cairo's colourful bazaars. As you walk through the open-air markets, you'll uncover handcrafted pieces, spellbinding jewellery, silky scarves, themed souvenirs and so much more. Don't be afraid to haggle for a fair deal if you can. The merchants may be open to reducing the cost if they trust that you're actually going to buy something from them.

There's more than one bazaar to visit in Cairo, but one of the most famous is the Khan Al-Khalili, which dates back to the 14th century. As Cairo's oldest market, it's the ideal place to grab some souvenirs of your visit to the Egypt pyramids. If you're hungry, enjoy a spot of lunch in a local restaurant or grab a snack from one of the coffee shops along the main street.

Hidden treasures

If you're still around in the evening, make sure you don't miss the Sound and Light Show. This show has been going on for over two decades, and tourists really love it. Listen to the Pharaohs narrate the stories of their lives, their reign and their triumphs as the pyramids light up in different colours for an hour. After the show, travel back to your hotel in Hurghada for a peaceful night's rest after a long day of exploration.

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