Lake Garda

Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
81 mm per month
78 % avg
4 Mph avg

Lake Garda Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Lake Garda in April?

In the north of Italy, close to the city of Verona, Lake Garda has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. While April is still quite cool in comparison to the height of summer, the climate still has lovely warm conditions for sightseeing. To experience the highest temperatures, go to the more narrow, northern part of the lake which is more protected from the elements than the exposed southerly areas.


In April, Lake Garda has an average daytime temperature of 14ºC, making this time of year pleasant but quite mild. In the hottest part of the afternoon temperatures can climb to around 18ºC, perfect for exploring the region on foot without overheating in the sweltering summer sun.  At night the temperature often drops to 9ºC, so you might want to pack warm layers for when you go out in the evenings. There are ten wet days in April, so pack a raincoat in case of showers.

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