Castello Aragonese

Pay a visit to Ischia's most iconic landmark with a trip to Castello Aragonese. Perched atop a rocky islet overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the castle's an absolute must-visit on your holiday to Ischia Porto. As you wander Ischia's historic streets, you can't miss Castello Aragonese as it rises up above the town.

Make your way towards the Ponte Aragonese, a bridge which connects the castle to the main island. Walking along the Ponte Aragonese, you'll gaze up at the impressive fortification with its high walls and domed Chiesa dell'Immacolata.

After you've paid the entrance fee at the base of the castle, start climbing the stairs towards the top, which take you on a loop through the old buildings and lovely gardens. Explore the ruins of the 14th century Cattedrale dell'Assunta, remnants of historic frescoes and the former prison, Carcere Borbonico.

If you prefer to save your legs, there's also a lift you can catch. When you get to the upper levels of the complex, you'll have breathtaking views back down over Ischia and out across the Tyrrhenian Sea. Make sure you save some of your camera's battery on the way up as you'll want to capture some incredible photos.

You can visit the castle all year round, and it's open from 9am right through to sunset. Get there early in the morning to beat the crowds, or see colours dance across the sky as the day draws to a close.

When you get back down to ground level, visit the Museo del Mare which is at the other end of the Ponte Aragonese. If you've been to the castle in the morning, there'll be plenty of time to head over to the Baia di Sorgeto or Maronti Beach.

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