Museo Del Mare

Pay a visit to the Museo del Mare and spend some time exploring Ischia's tribute to its maritime past. The museum's close to Ischia Porto's centre, and just steps from the Ponte Aragonese which takes you to the Castello Aragonese.

The Museo del Mare is open every morning from 10.30am to 12.30pm, so it's a great way to start a day's sightseeing. It's also open later in the afternoon and evening, and until 11pm in July and August. If you're there in the evening, there are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can sit down for a meal before or after you go to the museum.

Stepping inside the Museo del Mare's historic yellow building, you're taken back in time to discover the secrets of Ischia's seafaring heritage. Something of a labour of love by a team of volunteers, the artefacts that you'll see are all carefully documented exhibits. Wander among beautifully crafted model ships, old fishing equipment, maps and photos. Imagine the lives that the local sailors led when they made offerings to the saints, in the hope that their voyages would be blessed with good fortune.

After you've been to the Museo del Mare, cross the Ponte Aragonese and explore Ischia Porto's iconic landmark. Then head to the south coast of the island and spend the rest of the day relaxing on Maronti Beach. If you're visiting the museum in the evening, don't miss the sight of the Castello Aragonese at sunset.

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