Baia Di Sorgeto

Get ready to bathe in the bath-like waters of incredible rock pool and soak up some warm Mediterranean sunshine with a visit to the Baia di Sorgeto. The stunning bay's on the southwest coast of Ischia, and can be reached in just over half an hour when you first head north on the coastal road from Ischia Porto.

If you want to take the route that twists through the island's hilly centre, then add another ten minutes onto this. There are regular buses through the day, which you can use to get to Panza. You can also catch a water taxi from Sant'Angelo, or hire a boat and drop anchor in the bay after you've made your own way there.

From the village of Panza, there are some steps to get down to the Baia di Sorgeto, around 300 of them in fact. When you arrive in the little cove, you'll be surrounded by sheer cliffs which make for a spectacular sight. You'll also see locals cooking things like eggs and potatoes on the water, a tradition that stretches back centuries.

After taking in the view, set your things down on the beach and head to the rock pools. Take care as you walk on the hot rocks, then slide yourself into the inviting water. Heated by the sun and rocks, you'll experience a unique sensation as cool water also sweeps into the pools courtesy of the gentle waves.

If you get hungry there's a cafe down in the bay when you can grab a bite and a cool drink. Or you can even have a mud spa treatment in a cave. Get to the Baia di Sorgeto nice and early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the crowds. Arriving in time for sunset, the water stays lovely and warm and there's a relaxing atmosphere as the day draws to a close.

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