Amalfi Coast holidays

Amalfi Coast holidays

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Amalfi Coast holidays invite you to experience one of Italy’s most glamourous coastlines. From its scooped-out valleys to its soaring cliffs overlooking pretty bays and pastel coloured buildings, it’s hardly surprising why it's been the setting for films and paintings.

Stretching for over 40 kilometres, there’s so many places to explore too, each one just as eye-catching as the next. If you’re looking for a small town with bags of beauty, Positano has Italian good looks by the bucket load. Or, you can always step away from the crowds and soak up the romantic atmosphere of Ravello, with its magnificent villas and sprawling gardens. But you can’t come to this famous coast without seeing Amalfi itself! This must-see spot will instantly win you over with its cobbled streets and sun-drenched piazzas. Wherever you choose to stay on your Amalfi Coast holidays, you won’t be short of amazing backdrops.

World-class scenery 

The scenery around Amalfi is spectacular. From wild lemon groves adding a hint of citrus to the air and seaside cliffs that give away to mountains, there’s no wonder it’s one of the world’s most famous landscapes.  Couples looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure won’t be disappointed. Hike through a valley lined with waterfalls one day (the Valle delle Ferriere), take a boat trip into an impressive sea cave the next, and unwind on a sunny beach the day after that.

A fascinating history

It’s easy to delve into the local history on your Amalfi holidays. You can’t miss the sense of the past when you stroll along Amalfi’s narrow old streets, and the cathedral (or Duomo) at the town’s cultural heart. An attractive combination of Arabic and Norman styles, it is among Italy's finest churches.. There are also historic coastal watchtowers decorating the coast, including one above Amalfi, while the beautiful gardens of the nearby Villa Rufolo have long attracted some of England’s most celebrated creative people, like Virginia Woolf. And don’t forget to stop by Salerno (make sure you visit the Duomo di Salerno and the beautiful Villa Communale gardens), or further afield to the ancient ruins at Paestum.

Exploring further 

Why settle in one place, when you can squeeze in a few? Whether you want to hit the road for an unforgettable Amalfi drive, or you prefer to travel across the water, it’s so easy to hop between towns. The island of Capri is within easy reach! Young couples will love watching celebrities moor their yachts as they dine in its waterside eateries. For romantic views, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride the funicular up to the main town. From here, you can also escape to the famous Blue Grotto, whose name comes from the vivid blue tones you’ll see when the sunlight reflects onto the water. And did we mention It’s also close to one of Italy’s most famous cities - the beautiful Naples? Make sure you visit,  even if it’s just to try a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza! 

Families with an interest in history should schedule a day trip to Pompeii (1 hour 40 minutes from Amalfi). Buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, you can’t come to Italy without stepping foot inside this incredible archeological site. From preserved temples, Roman baths, houses and theatres, it’s all waiting to be discovered in this ancient city.

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Map of Amalfi

12-29 ℃

If you want plenty of sunshine without those sweltering summer temperatures, take your holidays to Amalfi in late spring or autumn.

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Approximately 2.5 hours

Naples airport is the closest international airport, which is about an hour and 20 minutes’ drive from the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi is best for...

Shopaholics: From stylish boutiques to traditional family-run shops selling everything from limoncello to traditional Italian ceramics, you’ll find lots of places to pick up souvenirs.

Walkers:  Whether you want to get lost among its towering peaks or lush greenery, hikers will be happy with the choice of trails. For beautiful running streams, head on Valle delle Ferriere from Amalfi town. Those wanting to combine walking with history, will love the Punta Campanella route from Termini town with its temple ruins and amazing views of Capri.

Foodies: The Amalfi Coast is the place to treat your stomach. When you’re not tucking into freshly caught anchovies, you’ll be gorging on pizzas topped with the sweetest tomatoes and milky mozzarella.


Fast facts for Amalfi

Language: The language spoken is Italian. While many of the locals in hotels and restaurants speak good English, the occasional ‘per favore’ and ‘grazie’ will be appreciated, no matter how bad your pronunciation!

Currency: The currency used is the Euro.

Local time: Amalfi is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Naples International Airport. The transfer time to Amalfi is 1.5 hours.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Amalfi is 2.5 hours.

Tourist information: Further tourist information can be found at the official website for tourism in Amalfi.  


Getting around Amalfi

By foot: Amalfi’s slender streets are best explored on foot. But be prepared for steep hills and lots of steps.

By bus: Hop on a bus to explore more of the coast, like the  beautiful town of Sorrento, which is just two hours away. Buy your bus ticket from local shops before you board and always make sure you catch one of the earlier buses, as they can get busy.

By car/scooter: Those wanting to see the Amalfi Coast at their own pace, will love the freedom that comes with hiring a car or scooter. Driving along this famous coast is a bucket-list experience, but there’s a few things to consider before you set off. Not only do Italians drive on the opposite side of the road to the UK, but this route is particularly narrow and winding.

Events in Amalfi

Festival of Sant' Andrea (or Saint Andrew): This event is a must for traditionalists. Taking place in June and November, it’s the largest and most dramatic religious celebration. You’ll see a statue of St Andrew paraded around the town before it’s carried at top speed up the 62 steps to the Piazza Duomo, supported by a cheering crowd and the sounds of a local band. The festivities end with a fantastic fireworks display.

The Historical Regatta of the Sea Republics: Taking place on the first Sunday in June, this traditional rowing competition between Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice is hosted by each of the towns in turn. The eight-oared galleons race for 2 kilometres while, on land, entertainers play out scenes from the maritime history of each of the rowing rivals.

Amalfi weather

Temperature: The average temperature ranges from 8°C in January to 24°C in August.

Best time to go? 

Summer is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast if you like it hot with temperatures often increasing to a toasty 31°C in summer. Winter is still very mild with daytime highs of 14°C, making it a superb holiday destination at any time of year. If you want to avoid the peak crowds, head here in the late spring or autumn, when it’s still warm and you won’t have to fight for a spot on the sand.


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