Il Chiosco

To enjoy a few drinks with spectacular views of Lake Garda, pull up a chair at Limone's Il Chiosco. Found on Via Campaldo in the upper part of town, a visit to this wonderful bar is an absolute must on your holiday to Limone. As you make your way onto Il Chiosco's sun-drenched open-air terrace, you'll be greeted with the breathtaking scenery which makes this bar so popular. See the lush green mountains that surround Lake Garda roll down towards the sparkling blue water, which almost matches the colour of the sky. Whether it's the friendly owner or another member of staff who looks after you at your table, you can take your pick from fresh juices, refreshing beers and local wines. Perhaps you'd rather order a famous Italian coffee, or jazz things up a bit with a freshly made cocktail. For an evening with a twist, visit Il Chiosco when they're having one of their fruit garden tastings. You'll try a selection of fruits, homemade jams and liquors set onto a large tray on top of a wooden cask. Sample the eco-friendly products as the sun starts to sink behind the mountains, and the lanterns hanging above you twinkle into life. If there's a full moon, you're in for a treat as it rises out of the mountains across the lake. If there's still time left in the day after your trip to Il Chiosco, take to the water you've been gazing over with some kitesurfing courtesy of Wind Riders. Or pay a visit to lovely churches such as the Chiesa San Rocco or Chiesa di San Benedetto.

Il Chiosco image