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You find the small, medieval town of Malcesine on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, surrounded by rolling hills. At the centre of its network of cobbled streets and pastel-painted buildings, you’ll find the imposing Scaligero Castle, which offers some of the best views of Lake Garda from its tower. If you’re taking your holidays to Malcesine with the intention of exploring the neighbouring towns dotted along the shore, you can catch a ferry from the town’s harbour and go sightseeing. For thrill-seekers, Lake Garda’s waters offer a variety of water sports, while if you prefer more leisurely Malcesine holidays you can simply lace up your walking boots and take a stroll around the coastal path. Alternatively, spend your days relaxing in the warm Italian sun in a piazza café. Whatever you want from your holidays to Malcesine, you can make your downtime your own.

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Malcesine holidays can be as busy or as laid-back as you want them to be. Monte Baldo offers great fun for anyone passionate about the Great Outdoors, including cyclists, climbers and photographers. The central structure of Castello Scaligero offers superb views and a dip into the towns medieval history. The charming harbour is as pretty as a picture, and it’s easy to while away the hours in a café, watching the boats bob about on Lake Garda. Shoppers can flex their bargain-hunting muscles in the town’s squares, or hop on a water taxi across the lake and visit the surrounding villages for some boutique shopping.

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Approximately two and a half hours

Flights land at Verona Villafranca Airport, which is just over an hour’s drive from the resort.