Golfo del Pecoriello in Sant'Agnello

Don't miss the stunning little cove of Golfo del Pecoriello on your holiday to Sant'Agnello. A picturesque natural sight, it's just a few minutes walk from Stabilimento Balneare La Marinella.

From La Marinella, head along Viale dei Pini until the road bends to the right. You'll find Golfo del Pecoriello at the bend, where you'll have lovely views of the cove.

If you prefer, you can get to the cove by boat, enjoying views of the coast while you make the trip. Hire a small rowing boat and gently paddle yourself round. Make sure your camera has plenty of battery for when you arrive. The plunging cliffs and sparkling waters of the Gulf of Naples make for a stunning picture.

If you're arriving on the water then you'll have the best views of the spectacular Villa Crawford, which is built into the cliff face. Gaze up at the tall archways that are set right into the rock.

If you're arriving from land, then take the steps down into the cove and see the villa rise up in front of you. Go paddling in the water as you spend some time relaxing in the pretty cove. It can be a great sun trap at the right time of day, and a lovely spot for a picnic too.

After you've explored the cove, go and visit lovely old churches such as the Chiesa di San Prisco e Agnello and the Santuario di San Giuseppe. Or head down to Stabilimento Balneare La Marinella to soak up some sunshine and go for a dip in the sea.

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