Castello Scaligero

Perched on a cliff edge beside Lake Garda you can't fail to notice this striking castle, it's the town's landmark. No one is sure of how old the castle is exactly but details of modifications throughout its history have been documented.

It was given the name Scaligero after the 12th century when the Della Scala family from Verona became its occupants. The Lands of the Venetian Republic strengthened its defences, and then in the 17th century French and Austrians took over its upkeep.

The old guardhouse is now the Natural History of Garda and Monte Baldo Museum, so a visit will give you lots of information about the area. One of the rooms is dedicated to the poet and artist W. Goethe and features drawings capturing his views of the castle and the lake on his travels around Italy.

There's also an exhibition about the history of fishing on the lake. Castello Scaligero's fairy-tale atmosphere and wonderful lake views have seen its popularity as a wedding venue increase. Make your way to the top of the tower for unmissable views of the whole lake.

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