Nuraghi Towers in Sardinia

You won't be able to miss the Nuraghi of Sardinia, as you'll find that over 7,000 circle shape structures located around the island. The stone tower structures were originally built using dry stone techniques in 1700-900 BC during the Bronze Age.

One of the best sites to see these historic wonders is at Nuraghi di Palmavera near Alghero and the world heritage site, Nuraghe Su Nuraxi near Barumini. There's an eerie atmosphere at these sites where you can walk through the bizarre hive of circle stones walls and boulder towers. Historians are still puzzled by the purpose of the towers, some think they were used for defence lookout points, others believe they were religious temples.

Whatever the purpose of these interesting structures, they have added a sense of mystery and beauty to the landscapes.

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