fore the Romans conquered this area of the Mediterranean. One of the most notable Nuraghi Towers is Su Nuraxi in Barumini in the south of the island, a settlement that dates back to the Bronze Age, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

2. Go wine tasting

As well as being a stunning summer holiday destination, the island is well known for its delicious wine, and sampling it is one of those essential Sardinia things to do during your holiday. The wine produced here tastes different to those from the rest of Italy. For example, the prized vermentino white-wine grapes in north-eastern Sardinia get their unique flavour from the island's high winds and the sun reflections from the Mediterranean Sea. The unique flavour has earned the wine a prestigious DOCG label, the highest rating of the Italian classification. Then there's the red Carignano wine from further south on the island, which is flavoured with cloves and cinnamon, and makes an ideal companion for slices of Sardinian cheese. You can go wine-tasting all over the island, from the Cantina Argiolas near Cagliari in the south to the Tenute Dettori near Porto Torres in the north. During the height of the holiday season in July and August, it's a good idea to book your wine-tasting session in advance to avoid missing out. You're also recommended to check bus schedules before you travel, as online schedules may not always be accurate. Taking public transport also means everyone in your group will be able enjoy a glass or two.

3. Explore Sardinia's incredible coastline

This island is a dream come true for beach lovers. With beautiful bays, secluded rocky coves and crystal-clear emerald water, there's no shortage of things to do in Sardinia if you love the sun, sea and sand. One of the most beautiful is Stintino, a dreamy white sandy bay overlooking some of the most beautiful turquoise water you can imagine. The sand here is also gently shelving, which means the sea is ideal for families with children, or inexperienced swimmers.

4. Visit historic Cagliari

The capital of Sardinia, Cagliari has existed since ancient times and is noted for its beautiful Art Nouveau landmarks. It's perhaps best known for its grand cathedral, which dates back more than 700 years and houses numerous royal tombs. See the Museo archeologico nazionale, an archaeology museum where you can discover Sardinia's prehistoric and ancient roots, from Nuragic age statuettes to Roman jewellery. Or go to the enchanting Old Town Hall, a former palace with impressive contemporary art pieces, before touring the 12th century Castle of San Michele, home to Cagliari's Centre of Art and Culture. As you can see, there are endless things to do in Sardinia for history lovers. You could also visit one of Cagliari's markets to sample some of Sardinia's best fresh produce, or shop for quality souvenirs like hand-crafted jewellery. Pop along to the San Benedetto market, one of Europe's great covered fish markets, where you can find excellent fresh seafood, premium cheeses like parmesan, delicious Sardinian tomatoes, and plenty more.

5. See Neptune's Grotto

An experience you will never forget. Neptune's Grotto, with its dramatic stalactites, is one of the essential Sardinia things to do. A short distance from Alghero in the north-west of the island, it's one of Italy's biggest marine caves, with incredible limestone formations that were formed around two million years ago.

2 Things to do in Sardinia