Sardinia - currency

In Sardinia, the currency is the Euro. You can exchange money at banks or an exchange office but business hours do vary. It’s possible to change money at the airport too, although the exchange rate can be unfavourable, and commission rates are often high. If you’re travelling to Sardinia, you may find it easier to exchange some money before you leave.

This means you avoid spending the first few hours of your holiday looking for a bank, as well as ensuring you’ve got some cash in your pocket, no matter what time you arrive. If you order your travel money with Thomas Cook it will be delivered straight to your door.

ATMs are available in many resorts, and you’ll find that most major bank cards are accepted. We recommend talking to your bank before you go, so you know how much they charge for transactions abroad. Using a pre-paid travel card is a good solution for many travellers as they work just like a credit or debit card.