Museo Marti Vicens

Explore a museum dedicated to a local talented artist when you visit the Museo Marti Vicens. Around an hour's drive from Calas de Mallorca, it's a great way to have a change from relaxing on the beach and enjoying the warm Majorcan sunshine.

Marti Vicens Alemany was born in Pollenca in 1926, and this is the town where you'll find the museum. The building was once part of a huge Franciscan monastery, a lovely old building that has beautiful features like arched ceilings, stone floors and wooden beams. Built in the 17th century, it's at the bottom of the Calvari hill. A painter and a sculptor, Marti Vicens was a multi-talented artist, but this museum mostly concentrates on his weaving skill.

Raised in a family of weavers, he set up his business around the time the Second World War was ending. He became famous for his innovative ideas and flair producing llengues cloth, and you can see examples of his extensive collection as you explore the museum.

Wander through the weaving room to see a display of the tools and instruments he used, stopping to admire the old loom in the centre of the room with its threads and shuttle ready for action. You'll walk past prize winning cloths and even some of his personal possessions like plates, jugs, pans and a kneading trough as you explore the atmospheric rooms.

And don't miss examples of Vicens' painting and sculpting while you're there.

If you're feeling energetic after your trip to the Museo Marti Vicens, climb the 365 steps to the top of the Calvari hill for great views. Then pay a visit to the Santuari de Sant Salvador before you sit back in the sand at Cala Varques, rounding off a day of sightseeing with some peaceful relaxation.

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