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Calas de Mallorca holidays

Temperature: 10-26 (°C)

Calas de Mallorca experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with sunny, warm summers and mild winters. 


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Flight time from UK:

Approximately 2 hours.s

Weather and climate in Calas de Mallorca

Temperature: 10-26  (°C)

Highs up to 32°C and an average of 13 hours of sunshine a day make the summer months the ideal time to hit the beach. The weather and sea temperature stays pleasantly warm right into the autumn, although the chance of rain is much higher. In the winter months it’s dryer and temperatures hover around the mid-teens, making it a very popular time for cyclists to visit. It starts to warm up from mid-spring, with temperatures hitting the high teens by the end of the season.


Calas de Mallorca is best for...

Beach lovers: Relax on the soft sand of Cala Domingos Beach. 

Amateur Divers: Make the most of the clear water with a snorkeling or diving trip to explore the Mediterranean’s rich marine life.

Family fun: Find a bar in the town with a traditional Spanish guitarist playing or enjoy drinks and karaoke until the early hours. 

Fast facts for Calas de Mallorca

Language: The language spoken is Spanish.

Currency: The currency is the Euro (€).

Local time: Calas de Mallorca is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Palma Airport. The transfer time to Calas de Mallorca is 1.5 hours.

Flight time from the UK: The Calas de Mallorca flight time is 2.5 hours.

Tourist information: Further tourist information can be found here

Visa / Health: Before your holiday, visit here for recommendations and advice on visas and health

Balearics Sustainable Tourism Tax: You’ll need to pay a Sustainable Tourism Tax which has been introduced by the Balearic Government to help with environmental and tourism improvements. The charge is between €1-4 per person per night, plus 10% VAT, subject to change, and varies based on the official star rating of your accommodation. Children under 16 won’t have to pay and guests staying for more than nine nights will receive a reduction. For further information please click here

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Getting around Calas de Mallorca

By car: Hiring a car lets you explore the island to find hidden beaches or head up into the mountains in the north. You can rent a car in the town centre, or pick one up at the airport for even more choice.  

By bus: Local buses can take you to Palma, Manacor and Porto Cristo. Services are generally more frequent during the busier summer season. 

By road train: During the summer, Calas de Mallorca runs a road train service from the hotels to the beach. Check with your reception for timetable information. 

Events in Calas de Mallorca

Cultural festival: For two days in January, locals light bonfires, sing traditional songs and roast botifarrons (a local type of blood sausage, which tastes much better than it sounds!) in honour of Sant Antoni Abat, the patron saint of animals. The festivities conclude with a huge parade and blessing in front of the church in Manacor. 

Carnival: Calas de Mallorca holds an annual carnival, which starts on the Thursday before Lent. There’s a whole week of celebrations, from parades to fancy-dress parties, so be sure to pack your glad rags and join the party.

Spring festival: Nearby Manacor hosts a full programme of activities every June. From open-air concerts to sporting events, there’s lots to see and do. 

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