Cala Dor holidays

Cala d’Or holidays are an eclectic mix of the sleek and the chic, tempered with old-school charm. Cala d’Or started out as a small fishing village, which expanded to meet the rising demands of visitors and tourists. It’s kept much of its old charm, so among the gleaming hotels, you’ll find narrow backstreets housing quirky shops, traditional restaurants, and local bars. The jewel in the crown is the stunning marina, which adds a whiff of Cannes sophistication to the resort. If you’re a confirmed water lover then you’ll enjoy the range of marine activities on offer, including boat tours and kayaking. Cyclists can take advantage of the warm weather and excellent riding routes, or you can hit the beach with the family and get some serious sunbathing in. Don’t leave your holiday without enjoying a grilled sea bass meal in one of the scenic harbour restaurants.

Temperature: 9-26 (°C)

Cala d’Or enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

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Flight time from UK

Approximately two and a half hours, with transfer times from the airport of around an hour and a half.

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