Albatros Diving in Cala Bona

Get ready for a great underwater experience when you book a trip with Albatros Diving. Put on your scuba diving gear and start getting excited about exploring the secrets of the sea, all in the safe hands of the friendly qualified instructors. Albatros Diving will look after you whether you're a complete beginner or experienced diver.

Based right by the seafront on Carrer del Xaloc, they'll pick you up from your hotel and take you to their boat, Abakua. As you head out of the harbour across the sparkling Balearic waters, admire the view back to shore before turning your gaze out to sea. When you reach your first dive spot and have all your gear on, you'll be taken into the water by an experienced instructor. As you swim down to the seabed, keep your eyes open for graceful rays, colourful fish and even octopus.

As part of your trip, you might get to see the incredible light show at Skylight Cave, or visit the famous Pirate Cave. If you don't feel like going too deep in the water, Albatros also do snorkelling trips, perfect if you have young children. There's no minimum age limit though, so your little ones might want to have a go at diving themselves. Your captain might even let them steer the boat for a minute too.

Whether you're taking a PADI course, going on an introductory dive or just enjoying some snorkelling, you're sure to have a great time with Albatros Diving. After a fun day in the water, head back to dry land and make your way to Sanddancers for a few drinks.

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