Days and evenings at the Marina

Holidays in Cala'n Bosch revolve around the marina. It's a beautiful part of the town where you can stroll around looking at the bobbing yachts and sailboats. The marina is the hub of the resort with a great choice of restaurants, bars and outdoor cafés, serving a mix of international foods, traditional Spanish cuisine and of course the delicious fresh seafood. In the evenings the waterfront comes alive. If you're looking for a laid-back, chilled atmosphere, find a spot overlooking the water and enjoy the views of the sunset as you sip on your favourite drink. This is a wonderful place to spend warm evenings with a partner.

If you prefer a more energetic and lively atmosphere, then you'll find bars playing live music and hosting karaoke within easy reach. Take to the stage and sing your heart out or just enjoy the music. A majority of the places on the marina are child friendly; you'll find some of the bars have soft play equipment, trampolines and arcade games to keep the kids happy whilst you unwind and enjoy your evening.

Evening markets spring up along the marina after dark, making it the ideal place to practise your haggling. You can pick up a gift for someone back home or perhaps a souvenir for yourself. You might even find a pair of authentic leather Menorcan sandals.

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